J. Cole Announces 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour

Written by on February 23, 2015

If you follow J. Cole on twitter, I’m sure you’ve been tracking his every move since 2014 Forest Hills Drive released. After blessing us with an amazing album, the angel-like rapper has been surprising fans with visits, food, and even private movie showings. And now, finally, J. Cole has released all of his tour dates. On February 13th, J. Cole posted his first tour dates entitled: “Act one: Hometown.” This list of tour dates featured “cities that never get no love.”

The rapper followed up with an update that has even more tour dates. One is “Act Two: The Journey,” where J. Cole is traveling to Europe and giving all of his oversea fans some love. Jhene Aiko and Pusha T will be joining him in this act.

Act Three: Hollywood (my favorite act)”consists of more U.S. cities, and guessing from the title it can be assumed that it’s the larger, more popular cities in the United States INCLUDING HOUSTON. This act features Big Sean, as well as other well-known performers.

J. Cole’s tour ends on August 29th with a final performance called “Homecoming” in Fayetteville, NC.

While tickets for Act 1 have already opened up, pre sale for Act 2 opens up Tuesday, Feb 24 and it is speculated that normal sale will begin Feb 27th. Regarding ticket sales for Act 3, no information has come out yet. but you can sign up as a member on Dreamville.com and when ticket sales begin, you should receive an email regarding it!

Sign up and view specifics about tour dates here.


By Daisha Lewis

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