Mick Jenkin’s Show at Warehouse Live Ends With a Bang

Written by on February 20, 2015

Shout out to Score More Shows for allowing Jeff Gower and I to attend the very first official tour for Mick Jenkins and Kirk Knight. Show them some love for always hooking Coog Radio up by following them on Twitter!

The show started out with local acts such as Lyric Michelle and Reginald Gohnson. Lyric did an impressive rap flow without music to start the crowd off and a few female fans front and center went crazy over her ambitious lyrics. Her charisma also shined through with her bubbly interaction with the crowd and even managed to get her chorus to “Weekend (La di Da di)” sung back to her. Reginald Gohnson did well in participating with the crowd and conquering the stage as his. Towards the end of his act he even took a seat upon the stage among the part of the crowd that I was in to rap more about how much he loves his ganja. He sat down next to a guy who was smoking and it fit his rap perfectly!

First and foremost was one of the many artists that graced the venue’s poster, Noname Gypsy. Gypsy led the crowd in some fun “oh-ohs” but slowly the crowd’s participation dwindled down a bit towards the ends of her verses but she stayed positive and uplifting. With a “What’s up Houston?!” she double checked to see who was still alive in the crowd and managed to catch the whole front section’s attention when she began to rap her infamous verse to “Lost” that she’s featured in with Chance The Rapper.

The next opening act, Saba, jumped upon the stage like an energizer bunny who had lost his marbles. With many screams of “PIVOT” to the crowd to advertise “Pivot Gang,” Saba performed many songs from his mixtapes such as “Butter,” “ComfortZone,” and “401K.” It was noticeable that Saba was unknown since only a moderate amount of people sang along to his choruses and raps (Wake up every wake up everyday feelin’ GOOOOOOD), but he still managed to keep his head up and demand participation from every single individual by getting their hands in the air and jumping.

Kirk Knight took the stage and fed off the restless energy emitted from the floor. Knight wasn’t as jumpy or mellow as the previous acts, but stayed consistently in-between. Boldly strutting across the stage, this Pro Era rapper created a swarm-like trail of people following his every move with his verses from “Extortion,” “Hail Razor,” and “Big Dusty.” At one point, Kirk called Joey BADA$$ on FaceTime and showed off the crowd going crazy and hollering to be on the screen.

Finally, Mick Jenkins took over the stage and relinquished a full throttle of “the truth” with many songs from his latest mixtape, “The Water[s].” As the main star of the show, Mick Jenkins had a majority of the audience belt out the lyrics to his songs including favorites like “The Waters,” “Jazz,” “Canada Dry,” and an emotional tribute to Trayvon Martin in “Martyr.” Constant shouting of “DRINK MORE” from the esteemed rapper was always answered back with “WATER” from his followers within the crowd showing his influence upon Houston. Noname Gypsy and Saba eventually joined Mick Jenkins onstage for “Comfortable” and “Heaux” to begin the closing of the show. For their first concert, all the artists did pretty damn good in closing the show with a bang and claiming new fans in Houston.

All photos taken by Jeff Gower.

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