New Video: “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande

Written by on February 16, 2015

After numerous Instagram teasers from the pop singer herself, the wait is over! Ariana Grande has been taking the music world by storm! Now she’s  busy watching her world being taken over by the apocalypse in her new music video for “One Last Time”.

Arianators (the name given to her fan base) are well aware that Ariana is into all things horror and science fiction, so it’s no surprise that she has finally included these elements in an apocalyptic production for the fourth single from her second album “My Everything”.

The video begins with Ariana rushing out of a vehicle to witness an explosion in the sky while a friend follows her with a camera to stop her. While chaos ensues, her friend captures every encounter as Ariana chases the source of the comet while running through homes, alley ways and fire escapes to get to someone or somewhere she needs to be. They face multiple obstacles of people trying to stop them from proceeding on through the mayhem.

You’ll eventually see that she was running to be somewhere, because that special someone was with her all along with his camera in hand. Ariana and her love interest, who turns out to be one of her best friends and co-star Matt Bennett from Victorious, embrace each other before Earth is destroyed and they disappear into a radiant abyss.

If I’m being honest, I adored the concept of the video but I wish I wasn’t staring at her backside through most of it. It’s not until she makes it through to the rooftop of a building that she completely faces the camera and grabs Bennett, who has been chasing her the entire time. I really enjoyed the anticipation of finding out where she was going and completely loved the surprise ending! It was creative, simple and visually intriguing while not straying too far from the meaning of the song! After having this song on repeat for months, the video was totally worth the wait!

Check out Ariana’s new video below and tell us what you think!

By Rae Tolbert

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