Texas Yoga Conference Spreads Positivity

Have you ever experienced the beauty of being in complete and utter peace? The Texas Yoga Conference assisted in helping their attendees reach just that. This three-day weekend event, which began on February 20th and concluded on the 22nd, left hundreds of participants in awe of the power of yoga. Whether a businessman, a student, or a stay at home mom, all were left with the illusion that they had been transported to a magical temple in a world where peace, unity, and mutual respect exists for all. Hosted in the heart of the fourth largest city in the US, the Iskcon venue assisted with the creation of this illusion.

Moderated by illuminated minds that ranged from university professors, to local yoga instructors, to nationally respected doctors, the Texas Yoga Conference proved that yoga is much more than a physical activity, but a spiritual one. Not religious, but spiritual. The level of ecstasy one reaches during and after practicing yoga, or any related art, extends far beyond what sensory glands can experience at idle. Some learned that many of these happy and peaceful emotions cannot be reached without the practice of yoga and related activities. The conference successfully exposed Houstonians, and those who traveled from afar, to the different varieties of yoga and related studies. Yoga participants, or as they sometimes like to call themselves: Yogi’s, were exposed to a grand buffet of arts, sciences, and practices. Arranged in a beautiful and sleek manner, one could attend session after session, while still being faithful to their own preferences regarding which subjects they each wanted to learn more about. Classes at the conference included studies such as Reiki, a popular subject that allows spiritual healing. But that’s not it; Kabalah yoga was also a popular subject where Yogi’s learned about flowing into the sacred shapes of yoga.

There was no catch, no corporate ambition, no egoistic profit, only the most respected and appreciated efforts of founder, Jennifer Buergermeister and her team. With the help of great minds, such as the one of Dr. Elizabeth Reese, founder of Yogiños, a type of yoga for youth, the event was made possible. The presence of organizations, like Yogiños, granted individuals of all ages the notion of feeling not only welcomed, but respected. Classes and lectures at the conference educated attendees on subjects that, without attending, would have struggled in educating themselves of such knowledge.

In conclusion, the event was simply an oasis. Beautiful in its own way, they made no mistake. The level of professionalism present exceeded expectations and allowed everything related to yoga fall into one fascinating place. One event, one weekend, one magical experience that left Yogi’s in awe and admiration of how beautiful life can be. Yogi’s left the event very aware of the message of positivity and how important it is to always live a healthy, balanced, and happy life.


By Sebastian Troitino

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