Ariana Performs a Grande Show at Rodeo Houston

Written by on March 20, 2015


International superstar, Ariana Grande, rocked the Houston Rodeo with an electric performance that left over seventy-five thousand screaming fans speechless. Grande, which is also Spanish for ‘big,’ performed to a full house that helped her make Rodeo history.

The crowd was exceptionally vibrant during Ariana’s performance and little to none of the attendees knew what to expect. Since the pop star’s rise to fame, she’s managed to dominate the world. Two studio albums and millions of records sold, Ariana is flawless. She carries with her a fan base of screaming teens that follow her everywhere she goes. Their shouts nearly cracked the NRG windows with their cheerful shouts. “Let me hear you say: Hey A.G.!” Ariana’s DJ would shout, and like obedient soldiers, they complied.

The shouting was necessary, considering Ariana took multiple breaks and would step off stage to attend her needs. To refer to Ariana’s fan base as soldiers would not do them justice.  Ariana’s fans managed to bring together an ever-lifting spirit, rarely seen at the Houston Rodeo. Possessed of young adults, in their majority females, they manifested themselves at Ariana’s hour-long performance. They’re beautiful in their own way, and specifically for this show, many managed to wear green in observation of St. Patrick’s Day. Grande performed fourteen songs, a set list that for many seemed far from enough. The setlist left mostly everyone wanting more that audience members remained in their seats following Ariana’s departure.


The expressions in the eyes of her die-hard fans were ones of hope. The performance was a great one, and nearly nobody wanted it to end. Even the parents, who spent big bucks for this night, had a blast dancing and listening to Ariana’s hit songs “Break Free,” “Problem,” and even “The Way,” one of her first ever success on the Billboard list. Fireworks exploded over Ariana’s stage and even the pop star was left in awe of the magical spirit that took over the stadium. Ariana’s facial expression was one of admiration of the firework display and the love the audience shared with her. She stalled her departure and waited as long as she could before she walked off. She said goodbye over three times and thanked her audience over four. Nobody wanted to leave. Not even A.G.

Ariana Grande’s successful musical act is this years’ Houston Rodeo’s fifteenth performance. The pop star’s efforts proved to be appreciated amongst Houstonians that helped this concert become a historic success. With 75,068 attendees, Ariana is now placed as the tenth best selling show in the history of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The rodeo acts continue at NRG Stadium and Coog Radio will cover the remainder of the musical performances and events at this years’ Houston Rodeo.


By Sebastian Troitino

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