Billy Currington Captivates Hearts at Rodeo Houston

Written by on March 16, 2015

With a beer in one hand and a turkey leg in the other, Cowboys and Cowgirls welcomed Billy Currington to Houston’s Livestock Show and Rodeo. Last Saturday at the NRG Stadium, the country superstar performed his hit songs “People Are Crazy,” “Must be Doin’ Somethin’ Right,” and more. Houstonians celebrated Currington with a pleasant reception and a cheerful Texas spirit. Billy Currington

Rodeo attendants discovered that Billy Currington is easy on the eyes, talented, and relatable. Jokes and talks about life soothed the ambient and allowed audience members to feel as if one was in Currington’s living room with nothing but his guitar and a bottle of Jack. Perhaps it was the red rug underneath his feet on the rotating NRG center stage, perhaps not. Regardless of the props on stage, his jeans and simple gray t-shirt managed to ease the ambient and allowed for country fans feel very related to him. His songs are welcoming to everyone; they open the door to finding that emotional connection of remembering a specific life experience that many can relate to. Love, relationships, and beer are embedded amongst Currington’s catalog of country jams. Beer, in specific, is a popular topic amid his inventory of lyrics. Writing about beer in, at least, two of his greatest hits, Currington proves that he’s just like the rest of us. People laughed as Currington rotated his index finger around his right ear in a circular motion, to describe how some people can be at times. That’s when “People Are Crazy” streamed through the stadium speakers and lights began to flash. Fans stood up and clapped, while some danced in the stadium halls. Dancing and hip-moving consumed those standing or walking in the halls, but for the most part, halls were vacant because fans discovered pleasure with Currington’s entertainment and chill talks.

Billy CurringtonNearly a decade has passed since Currington landed his first number one record on Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs and he couldn’t be doing better. Five studio albums later, and Currington is a country success. Signed to Mercury Nashville Records, Currington has it all. Performing his hit songs, he managed to bring a modern and up-beat tempo to the NRG Stadium. The country music artist carries with him a modern vibe. The energy he gives off can resemble that of a Hollywood superstar. Nevertheless, Billy Currington is musically talented and a master at the guitar. Currington even paid homage to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mar’s, “Uptown Funk,” and showed that his gift is invincible. The idea that country music fans welcome all types of tunes proved strong as joyous ones danced to the modern song.

Billy Currington

As tradition shows, fireworks were released during Billy Currington’s last song. When the song ended, Currington did something musicians rarely do: he simply walked off the circular stage, on the dirt, and walked his way to the corner exit of the dirt field. With security and four spotlights following him, he walked, waived, and smiled at everyone in the stadium as his band followed. Just like that, the country super star walked away on his two legs just like everyone else, and with his blue sneakers on the dirt, he proved that although he may have it all, he still has ‘his feet on the ground.’


By Sebastian Troitino

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