Florida Georgia Line Proves that ‘Anything Goes’ at Houston Rodeo

Written by on March 21, 2015


Florida Georgia Line was on the edge of glory before they took a leap of faith last Wednesday, at NRG Stadium, during their full-house Houston Rodeo performance. That was when the courageous duo decided to be brave and defy adversity by jumping off the rotating center stage onto the dirt field for a closer look at the audience. They continued to sing live as they made their way to the fence where the audience was ready with their cameras. Like superheroes, they climbed on the fence and the crowd grew louder. Camera flashes illuminated the ballsy musicians as they sang their well-fitting song, “Party People.” To say that Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, the two lead singers of Florida Georgia Line, are the definition of party people would be an understatement; and to say that they are defining the future of country music with their bravery, would be an even bigger one.


Florida Georgia Line, or as they sometimes are abbreviated as: FLAGA Line, is the definition of ballsy. They had all stadium officials filled with tension and worry. Very few knew how to react when the performers took the shot and ditched the stage. Security behaved and kept their cool while others, such as video and production, seemed awry about the unthinkable situation. The musical duo wore black and gray cut up shirts, displaying their muscular physiques as they raised arms for a wave while the audience assimilated the action with a side to side salute. Fans were ecstatic about the bands grand entrance, this rarely-before-seen action from a performer managed to stir up the audience. Like lions in a cage, nearly everyone took pictures of the two lead singers through the railing as they would walk by them. The two seemed extremely popular amongst ladies who dig their appealing, yet rigid appearance. The loud crowds remained vivid well after the duo returned on stage where they remained for the rest of the show.

With only two studio albums under their belt, Florida Georgia Line proved that although their music might not resemble that of tradition, they possess a free and adventurous spirit that has placed them among the best in the country music scene. Many flashed their iPhone lights to the bands catchy song “Get Your Shine On,” illuminating the stadium while leaving many in awe.


They performed a full setlist of thirteen songs that concluded with their hit single, “Cruise,” which holds the record for the best-selling digital country song of all time. FLAGA Line continues their strutting through the US with their “Anything Goes Tour,” scheduled to perform across America for the remainder of the year.




By Sebastian Troitino

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