Rodeo Houston Celebrates Final Show with Luke Bryan

Written by on March 25, 2015

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Photo by Norma Becerra

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo wrapped it all up with a bang. Luke Bryan performed, Rodeo athletes were awarded, and the thousands of volunteers that dedicate days and nights for this life-changing event were recognized. Luke Bryan drew in a grand total of 75,005 in paid attendance, making this his fourth act on the Rodeo Houston stage. Celebration mode on, Cowboys and Cowgirls kissed the Rodeo goodbye with Luke Bryan and his very appealing performance that left Rodeo lovers even more excited for the next one.

Luke Bryan took many ladies breaths away with his attentive personality that freed him to move his hips while singing to his upbeat songs, change lyrics of some, and even take selfies with fans in the audience. Luke Bryan’s young spirit is appealing to many. By wearing boots, black tight pants, and a blue with black button-up shirt, he got away with wearing a ball cap, which is something very few country singers can pull off when performing in front of over seventy five thousand people. But do not underestimate the power of Luke Bryan; his is one he is very well aware of. The country heartthrob many would classify as a sex symbol admitted that Rodeo Houston is “the highlight of [his] year, every year.” Reckless, playful, and young, Luke Bryan makes no mistakes. Bryan is aware of the success he has amounted and made sure to showcase his incredible musical talent during his Rodeo appearance. Manifested when he slowed things down with his song, “Drink a Beer,” were his outstanding much-improved vocals. Cellphone lights created an artificial night sky within the NRG Stadium, home of Rodeo Houston for many years, that made clear: Luke Bryan is musically capable of performing in all types of moods at different tempos, and in all settings.

Slow music did not last much, for Luke Bryan teased his audience multiple times with different songs. Bryan knows what he’s got; and he uses his appealing weapons wisely amongst music lovers. Bryan performed a snippet of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz, causing a ruckus amongst the young ones. Girls screamed during “Country Girl” when he mixed up the lyrics to “shake it for me just like Beyoncé” and “gonna rock my boots in the Houston mud,” rather than the “Georgia mud,” like the original song plays. Besides being one of the most successful country singers of all time, Luke Bryan makes time for his loving fans. The country star followed the steps of many of the previous Rodeo performers and took off the center stage to meet his fans, which caused frenzy amongst audience members. More importantly, generated a lasting memory worthy of a grand finale.

Just like that, the show came to an end and Luke Bryan ran one last lap around the stadium dirt field to say one last goodbye to his loving fans. He left the stage like a champion with his head up high and lots of pride in his eyes. This successful final act was worthy of a good Sunday night and worthy of the last Rodeo day for this year. The magnificent festivity that is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo concluded with the highly respected reputation of it being a national treasure for continuing to make history and for celebrating the pride of the great state that is Texas.

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Photo by Norma Becerra


By Sebastian Troitino

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