Rodeo Houston Loves Brad Paisley

Written by on March 25, 2015

IMG_0753Brad Paisley attracted a full house to his sixth rodeo appearance and made history when 75,167 paid to see him perform, placing him as the ninth top performer in Rodeo attendance history. Brad Paisley is the definition of flawless; perfectly rehearsed, one could sense there was a free spirit within Paisleys’ artistry. He did as he pleased and dominated the actual NRG dirt field multiple times, while still keeping control of his band from a distance. Easy on the eyes, Brad Paisley was not only relatable to his audience but presented himself with a high level of authority, likability, and professionalism.


Heartthrob country singer, Brad Paisley, spent much of his performance on the dirt floor of the NRG Stadium. The superstar kissed the center stage goodbye for a more personal experience with his fanatics that little to none expected. Screaming fans were the only sound one could hear when Paisley neared their side of the stands. He managed to play his guitar, sing live, and take pictures… Simultaneously. IMG_0765Paisley proved his superstar abilities when he stopped in the middle of a song to grab a fans iPhone and shout, “let’s make a video,” as he pressed the record button. Video recordings, Selfies with fans, and signing autographs were amongst the many actions Paisley made while rocking Rodeo Houston. He would change guitars like a girl changes clothes. One guitar was colorful in an odd way. The vibrant instrument resembled random basic colors splashed in the middle, spreading towards the outsides, similar to a tie-die design. Then he would transition to other more normal guitars that he played while singing his popular jams “Beat This Summer,” “Fishin,” and even “Alcohol,” amongst many others of his popular ones. Paisley’s set list included a total of fourteen songs that far from enough seemed shorter due to Paisley’s stage escapes to his audience.


Although Brad Paisley broke the illusion by leaving the rotating center stage to walk around the stadium floor to greet and socialize with fans, he crowned himself as a respected performer that left him with a lasting reputation; fit for country stardom. The concert concluded after Paisley performed his hit-jam, “Alcohol.” Released nearly a decade ago, the single only placed fourth in Billboards’ Hot Country Songs, but is the recipient of two Grammy nominations. The song is a perfect representation of Paisley: relatable, comic and most importantly, honest.


By Sebastian Troitino

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