Songs You NEED To Listen To Before You See Cher Lloyd at Frontier Fiesta

Written by on March 26, 2015

This Image Is Courtesy of University of Houston Digital LibraryFirst, I am going to start off by stating facts. I know that today is  a good day! It day two of the biggest event on campus, Frontier Fiesta ,which, by definition means more cook offs,more  food, and most of all, Cher Lloyd! If you don’t know who that is well, let me take you back to school (no pun intended, okay maybe a little bit). Cher Lloyd first gained fame by being on X-factor U.K. Although she didn’t win, it help to shine a spotlight on her personal funky style, which, can only be described as unique. She is able to give a pop music a edgy feel with her mix of both singing and rapping  of her lyrics.Image Courtesy of

It’s hard not to both sing and dance to her super catch lyrics. Personally, I’ve been anticipating this weekend of festivities all year long, so for the past couple days I’ve been getting pumped to see her with Cher Lloyd Spotify playlist! Although “I Want You Back” and “Swagger Jagger,” has to take the cake for my favorite. Below, click to hear some of my personal faves by Cher Lloyd, on Spotify. Comment below on what has been your favorite song by Cher Llyod!


By Sade Zibili

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