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Written by on March 24, 2015

Thursday night, after enduring the terrible disappointment of not being able to see Incubus, I took a break and met with an old friend. We decided to hit dirty sixth, which is an area that frightens me. We ended up hearing some good music coming out of The Dizzy Rooster so we went in there for a drink.

All About a Bubble from Tulsa, Oklahoma was on stage and I immediately fell in love. They reminded me of Brand New, which is a band I will always fan girl over. I hadn’t downloaded Snapchat yet due to insufficient space on my phone, but for this band I deleted a ton of apps and music to download the app and snap this group! As my friend and I were leaving the bar I saw the boys standing by the exit. I decided to say hi and inquire about that interview. Turns out they were actually just about to leave, but were down for a small interview before they hit the road.

As we were walking to the parking garage to their van (it’s not as creepy as it sounds) there was a fight on the street! According to the boys, there had been another fight while they were packing up their equipment. The van was only a block away and all of this had transpired within fifteen minutes. One of the fights featured a man beating up some girl, horrific I know, but then another girl joined in and fought the man off, held him in a headlock and threw him on the ground. That is girl power at its finest.

An incredibly impromptu interview with a band that really rocks is what SXSW memories are made of.


Left to right: Luke, Dustin, Corina, Jonathan, Fabian, Clinton


CORINA: Is this your first SXSW?

DUSTIN: This is our third.

C: Only show you’ve done this year?

D: We did four last year, but this is our only one this year.

C: When did this latest album come out?

LUKE: September 2nd!

C: What is your favorite thing about Austin?

CLINTON: Their hotdogs!

FABIAN: Their hotdogs?

L: (laughs) It is his favorite thing about Austin!

D: Yea, you do like hotdogs.

JONATHAN : This is the first time I’ve been here.

L: I actually like how green it is, you guys have to pay a fee for paper or plastic bags at Walmart, I wish Tulsa would do something like that.

D: She’s from Houston. I worked in Deerbrook mall forever ago, I don’t even know if it is still there. Is it still there?

C: I think so…somewhere…

L: I just think it’s awesome that it’s so green!

C: I was off on Congress and saw these giant Aloe Vera plants those were pretty cool looking.

D: We spend so much time listening to music that we didn’t get to experience the city.

C: When did you get into Austin?

D: Tuesday night, Wednesday morning

C: Did you catch any shows?

L: We went and saw Bleachers and Dry the River is in from London, Andy Frasco

F: Awolnation

C: You went to see Awolnation?

F: Yea, they played an acoustic set


I wanted to see them.

L: That was the longest what.

C: I got excited! So anything else you guys want to add?

D: Hmmm. Thank you, for liking us!

C: Thank you for bringing me to this lovely van. Where is the candy? Are those vitamins? That’ll work. The vitamins and Halls

L: That’s what you need when you tour, vitamins and halls.
And there you have it. I discovered a great band that I just happened upon completely unexpectedly in the dirty sixth. That is the true beauty of SXSW.

Be sure to check out All About A Bubble’s album, The Sailor, The Captain.


By Corina Carrizales

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