SXSW: Doomtree Throws Down at Karma

Written by on March 22, 2015

As if one set wasn’t enough, Doomtree performed twice on Thursday night at Karma Lounge. The official SXSW showcase was packed both times that Doomtree took the stage. The collective hip hop group took Karma and turned it into a straight party.

Doomtree is comprised of seven members, and each had a hand in giving the audience an unforgettable show. The chemistry between them is like nothing I have ever witnessed. The crowd never skipped a beat either, it was like a performance on both ends. The group performed many tracks including the jam “Bangerang,” which was performed flawlessly. Anyone at attendance of that show should cherish that experience, because collectives such as Doomtree do not come around often.


By Jeff Gower

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