SXSW: Dustin Kensrue of Thrice @ The North Door

Written by on March 21, 2015

When I found out that Dustin Kensrue, front man of post hard-core band Thrice, would be doing solo sets at this year’s SXSW I lost my mind. I was bartending on a slow Monday and had one bar regular sitting at the bar. I was looking up all of the performing artists and when I saw his name I screamed so loud my regular almost knocked over his beer.

Thrice did their farewell tour in 2012. They made it clear that Thrice would not be breaking up, just going on hiatus. Kensrue has been putting his beautiful voice to work by starting solo project. He has put out a few solo albums and the newest one, Carry the Fire, will be released April of this year

I was nervous about this show as to whether or not I would get in. My heart was broken that Incubus’ line was out of control and I did not want to spend my entire night in a line where it was possible I would not get in. As I made my way to The North Door, a venue on the east side of town, I was assuming there would be a line around the block. There was absolutely no line. I get there around midnight and to my pleasant surprise Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band were on. I have seen them before with Manchester Orchestra and they are great! How Kevin can jump up and down and in circles while still playing the guitar and singing I will never know. I can barely walk down the street without falling.





Dustin took the stage in a red and black plaid button up, hair nicely done and beard trimmed perfectly. He just looked so presentable. The venue was nowhere near capacity, and I was able to move around right in front of the stage, on the steps almost on the stage and to the upstairs lounge area. Dustin was personable with the crowd even carrying small conversations. When he played “Come All You Weary,” one of my favorite songs by Thrice, I could have died a happy person. Thankfully I didn’t and got to enjoy the humorous situation of him breaking a guitar string and playing his last song around a missing string. Afterwards he took photos with all of the people who flocked him after. A friend even asked if Thrice was writing new music, since they are playing a few festivals this year. Dustin responded, a little taken aback, that he wasn’t able to say.

We all know what that means.






By Corina Carrizales

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