The Band Perry Leaves Rodeo Houston in Tears

Written by on March 24, 2015


The Band Perry pioneered their fourth Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo performance to surpass the expectations of over sixty five thousand attendees. Due to recognition of Rodeo competitors, the band was welcomed with a later than usual show time, resulting in a large number of empty seats before the fourth song. Although The Band Perry was low on spectators, they were high on enthusiasm. The musical talent demonstrated by The Band Perry on the rotating center stage allowed them to successfully show what they would be remembered for… If they were to ‘Die Young.’


Due to the late start, some people called it quits well after the third song; but the Perry siblings didn’t seem to mind. They were well prepared for it all. Fascinated with the warm reception, the Band Perry managed to take the bull by the horns and swiftly gave fans what they wanted: good country music. The Band Perry is composed of siblings: Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry, who made sure to sharpen their knives prior to this years’ Rodeo Performance. Musical acts of Pitbull, Ariana Grande, and Fall Out Boy have blasted, nearly blowing, the NRG Stadium speakers, leaving The Band Perry with music-hungry aficionados eager for more. IMG_0647The band didn’t need their knives, for all one could see and hear was an original, modern, yet talented band of two brothers and a sister from Mobile, Alabama, simply living the golden dream. The band came out with a cheerful spirit and Kimberly Perry, lead singer, captivated her 65,739 fans with cheers and shouts of encouragement, asking for more from the audience. The more she talked, the more the audience clapped and shouted. Before anyone knew it, everyone had completely forgotten about those who called it a night earlier during the show and simply let go to the tunes of “Better Dig Two,” “Gentle On My Mind,” and “DONE.” The crowd didn’t seem to mind when the sibling trio band performed a cover of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” putting everyone to dance. The band is that talented; they can enunciate the melancholic lyrics of “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely,” while still keep it cool with up-beat tunes of modern, more popular songs.


The saying: ‘there is a purpose and a reasoning for everything,’ proved strong when The Band Perry performed their life-changing anthem, “If I Die Young.” When the band performed this song, one could easily sense why the band is as successful as they are. The stadium shook with cheers of everyone. IMG_0659Ecstatic for the unforgettable song, nearly all had tears rolling down, iPhone lights on blast, and although there was a proud sing-a-long, there was an utter, yet peaceful silence of respect. Emotions were so powerful; very few knew how to react. For all that was manifested by the audience was beautiful in its own way: prayers, cheers, and tears. “If I Die Young,” the song that catapulted The Band Perry to international stardom, is a powerful song that celebrates life. By encouraging people to live life and make the most out of the time they are given, regardless of the amount of years, The Band Perry can be categorized as one that will be remembered for being one of the most successful and inspirational country bands of all time. The Band Perry is an oasis of love, respect, and faith. The song will live well long after the band, and its current fanatics, for it reminds one to always live large and love fully.



By Sebastian Troitino

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