The Gamification of Music Discovery

Written by on March 30, 2015

Tradiio Media Cover

Meet Tradiio, the new music discovery platform hoping to disrupt your Pandora stations and Spotify playlists by turning you into a virtual A&R professional.

The service, created by Portuguese-based developers Stockbeats S.A., gamifies music discovery by allowing the songs of emerging artists to be virtually bought and sold by Tradiio’s users.

Tradiio’s gameplay is simple. Once a user is registered, they’re issued a supply of coins that they may use to invest in songs and build up their portfolio. As users listen and invest, tracks move up and down Tradiio’s charts. Portfolios can only contain up to ten songs—motivating users to sell poorly performing tracks or well-performing ones to earn more coins and clear space for hotter tunes. Tradiio users also earn coins and badges by completing “missions” and “challenges,” like ‘invest in any song’ and ‘listen to five minutes of music.’

Tradiio’s most interesting aspect, however, is its reward system. Users can exchange coins for real-world items like headphones, albums and even concert tickets. The service rewards artists as well, promising them anything from festival gigs to recording studio sessions. Currently, coins can only be redeemed for Tradiio swag, but expect that to change soon as the company is partnered with, among others, wireless speaker manufacturer Sonos and London-based music festival Field Day.

The service is still in its early stages and needs to overcome a few obstacles—namely its small user base and artist rosters—before it can make good on those promises and break into the mainstream. In spite of this, Tradiio looks promising and is a decidedly different platform for music discovery.

Join the fun at, or download Tradiio in the App Store or Google Play Store.


By: BreeAngela Hamilton

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