Why You Should Watch FOX’s New Hit Show, “Empire”

Written by on March 3, 2015


If you have not seen an episode of Fox’s hit new show “Empire” yet, it is time to take time out of your busy day for it. The rise of this musical drama has been fascinating to watch over the last few weeks, and things just keep getting better for the show. You must be wondering why I am posting about some random television show on this music avenue. However, dear readers, you will be surprised to hear that superstar producer Timbaland and his team are behind all music production of this musical drama.

From the first scene of the show, fresh face V. Bozeman opened the show with a hard-hitting ballad titled “What Is Love,” which left us all wondering who this girl with the platinum pipes is. But it didn’t stop there. Newcomer Jussie Smollett has showed off his beautiful vocals on various songs throughout the first half of the first season. Fortunately, he caught the eye of Columbia Records and signed on with the record label on February 26.

Yes, I definitely binge-watched the first eight episodes of the show this past weekend and have found a new obsession. The show not only offers toe-tapping tunes, but also shows Oscar-nominated actors Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard in some strong roles. If you aren’t convinced yet, check out the drama’s Spotify playlist chock-full the whole season’s songs thus far.

To catch up on all the drama and great music, click here. If you want to dive into the middle of everything, the show airs every Wednesday at 8pm on FOX.


By Rupal Mehta

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