A (Funky) Glimpse Into Compton: Kendrick Lamar’s Music Video For “King Kunta”

Written by on April 2, 2015

It’s been about two weeks since the infamous Kendrick Lamar released his different, yet critically acclaimed album, “To Pimp A Butterfly.” If you haven’t had a chance to listen his new album or haven’t even heard of it, check out the Coog Radio album review for it here and find out what all the hype has been all about. 


Just this past Wednesday Lamar’s VEVO uploaded the music video for “King Kunta,” one of the more upbeat tracks off of “To Pimp A Butterfly.” Much like the song, the video has an old school funky vibe to it as Kendrick vibes out in the street, in a corner store, and on even top of a building that spells out “COMPTON” on the side. As a sincere throwback to his hometown, Kendrick shows Compton some much deserved love in this music video.

Want to watch “King Kunta?” Check the video out below.

Warning: Video contains mature language and content.

What do you think of Kendrick’s video for “King Kunta?” Hate it, love it, let us know!

BONUS: Watch some behind-the-scenes footage in the making of “King Kunta” below.

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