“A Simple Rebirth” Shines Light to New Beginnings and Brighter Future

Written by on April 17, 2015

"A Simple Rebirth" Presentation

“A Simple Rebirth” Presentation

The setting was Downtown Houston, a place full of commotion, chaos, and concrete. The perfect ambiance for the daring production, “A Simple Rebirth,” that welcomed their first show night on Thursday with an open heart. Presented at Notsuoh Theater, the dramatic presentation depicted the struggles women face in their lives and left audience members fully aware of the many misfortunes the female gender has experienced. Like most things in life, the presentation shined to a brighter future for those present. Although the presentation, “A Simple Rebirth,” was vivid, multifaceted, and thought-provoking, it not only brought awareness but illuminated light to the importance of celebrating new beginnings, bravery, and the importance of honor.


“A Simple Rebirth” Presentation

Directed by Samira R. Noorali, the production was rare and artistic in its own unique way. Truthfully, the rareness of it all made it more honest because they created it. The first act delivered poetry from cast members that arranged themes reflective of their personal issues with which some have dealt with. IMG_0481By voicing some of their issues on stage, some cast members became vulnerable, or at least that was the illusion given. Graphic imagery and aggressive language allowed the production, “A Simple Rebirth,” to give off the emotions, regardless of actuality in relation to the cast members, of the sufferings of women and their sources of feeling empowered. There were songs, poems, skits, and even dances. The cast included nine members some of which presented their music talents on stage. Noreen Ali, a college student pursuing biomedical engineering, performed a powerful song that proved that the creation of a song is more than enough to take listeners on an unforgettable journey into the mind of the performer. Ali was not the only performer that expanded her lungs before a microphone, Saif Sattani did too. The production consisted of mostly women, for the exception of two males. Sattani was one of the males that delivered a different perspective on the struggle for women’s empowerment. Ali and Sattani joined forces to deliver an enduring song encouraging all to “Rise, [and] Stand Up,” leaving attendees in awe and admiration of the poetic and musical talent the entire cast presented.

"A Simple Rebirth" Presentation

“A Simple Rebirth” Presentation

The emotions cast members aimed to distribute on stage were felt so deep and powerful; tears were present among audience members. The receptive audience was fully engaged. Clapping, crying, and shouting, they managed to grip on to their seats, not letting go until the end of act two when the show confirmed that life improves, souls evolve, and ultimately, one must always cherish ‘A Simple Rebirth.’


“A Simple Rebirth” Presentation

Samira R. Noorali’s, “A Simple Rebirth,” continues to show this weekend with presentations scheduled for tonight, Friday the 17th, and Saturday the 18th, all at 8 PM in Notsuoh Theatre on 314 Main St.

Tickets available at www.BrownPaperTickets.Com/Event/1428811


By Sebastian Troitino

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