Don’t Miss Night Riots in Houston!

Written by on April 20, 2015

Southern California will be missing a gem for a little while because Night Riots are on tour with the Mowgli’s! This group has been performing together for several years, traveling the country sharing their talent. Consisting of five musicians that met in a tiny town on the west coast, Night Riots’ rich pop sound is highly acclaimed.

Their first EP, “Young Lore,” came out in 2013. After much success, the band signed with Sumerian Records and at the beginning of this year released “Howl.” Similar to Magic Man and Born Cages, the group has been playing on alternative stations and their fan base has been growing rapidly. They have music for many different moods. “Back to Your Love” for when you’re remembering how good you had it. Maybe you can relate to “Masks” when you feel like hiding. No matter the song or situation, Night Riots can help you out.

Fitzgerald’s will be graced with Night Riots’ presence on May 2! They are going to be opening for the Mowgli’s with Hippo Campus. Don’t miss your opportunity to see them; you can buy tickets now. Check out “Howl” on Spotify and iTunes. Follow their Instagram, Twitter, and like them on Facebook!


By Bethany Polson

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