Meet Atlantic Recording Artist Kyndall [Interview]

Written by on April 14, 2015


The genre RnB maybe holding on by a thread but 19-year-old Houstonian Kyndall may be the one to sew it back up. This past weekend, Kyndall had a listening party for her EP: “Still Down.” A project where she opens up about the infidelity and struggles from her past relationship with her first love. I sat down with the Atlantic recording artist and had a chat about her relationship with music.

Do you come from a musical background?

Music was always flowing through my family. They were always playing Sting, Janet, Mariah Carey and Selena; just a great collection of music.

What was the process like creating the EP “Still Down?”

Well, we recorded the EP in Houston with Chef Tone and Maejor Ali. It’s basically a six song EP that carnivals my first love which is something that I would normally hide. I’m not so detailed about something like this, but because I’m an artist I can’t help but share it with my KynFolk (fan base). I can’t help but be vulnerable and let people know that there was infidelity but there was reconciliation. I was stupid; I made mistakes myself and so did he. You’ll get it all in “Still down.”

With the RnB genre dying out, do you think you can be the person to help bring it back?

I’ll accept the challenge; I have no doubts. This has been such a humbling experience. To have even one person download my EP is amazing. You put your music out and you don’t think that you’re going to get such a great response and when you do; especially from my city, I just cannot be more grateful for that. And that’s just from me being vulnerable and letting it all air out.

When I’m listening to your EP I get a 90’s vibe. What artist from 90’s is your favorite?

I was born in 95, so I missed a lot but I caught up; therefore, I love me some Janet Jackson.  She just embodies sexy, confident, powerhouse and she’s just amazing.

Is this also the artist you look up to?

Janet would be my 90’s influence but someone who I’m really inspired by would be Kanye, I love Kanye.  I also love Travis Scott, Jhene’ Aiko, and Sia as well. Sia is like my crossover go to girl she’s just so artistic; she’s amazing.

What was it like in high school for someone breaking into the industry?

It was a task, juggling homework and going to extra circular activities after school, still having to that packet or assignment and staying focused on your work all at the same time is hard. That’s partially the reason why I started homeschooling. It’s easier to just be away from all the distractions, all the partying and all the fun. I had to sacrifice that. I did and it was worth it but I miss it.

Let’s talk Houston for a sec. How was it collaborating with Kirko Bangz?

I did “Hol’ Up” with Kirko, it was so tight. I kept bugging him about the record. I just knew it would be sauce with him on it and he killed it. Might just do another song with him, you never know.

What Houston artists do you like the most?

I’m not a most person; I like combinations. Some days I’m listening to Slim Thug, some days I’m more Paul Wall, most days I’m Z-ro, but ultimately Z-ro. But with every Houston OG you should have to pay your respect. I love them all, my city has a great collection of amazing artists that started from here and that still live here. I still live here; I’m never leaving Houston, Houston is home.

Do you have any music ties with Dallas?

I wish; that would be really tight. I haven’t really gotten in the studio or even familiar with any Dallas artists. But hey, shout out to Dallas. I would love work with a Dallas artist. Next time I’m down there maybe I can work with someone.

Being that the industry is very crazy and you’re so young, who keeps you grounded?

Who doesn’t is the question. I come from a Pentecostal Christian family they are strict, they keep it tight right, they don’t allow me to stray and if I do their shipping me back off to Houston and sending me to college. Their very serious, when I first got into the industry they were like “look you’re 15 you can sign this deal but you need to finish school, don’t neglect college, and don’t go make your family look crazy. Your grandfather is a doctor and you carry his name. Till this day family will tell me to take the trash out. Also every decision we make is collective, it’s a family effort, and we’re all in a group message. We are all super close.

What’s next for Ms. Kyndall?

There will definitely be another body of work that I’m starting soon. I don’t know whether it’s an EP, mixtape, or album, but whatever it is it doesn’t change what I’m doing. I‘m going to go in and kill it with an album mentality. I try to make EPs or albums that are strong bodies of work, we like a collective sound; I’ve really found a good group with Maejor and Chef.

Do you see yourself getting into the fashion industry being that your style is so unique or dabbling into any other business ventures?

That’s sounds exciting; I mean who’s going to say no to that. I do see that for myself down the line, but right now it’s about growth, it’s about starting from somewhere, it’s about owning where I’m from. It’s a lot I have to do before I get to fashion. However, I did film a movie with Biggie’s son CJ and that was exciting, it’s called “Kicks” and should be coming out soon. Just keep your eyes open.


You can download Kyndall’s EP “Still Down” and watch her new video “Close to Me” below.


By DeAndra Hurd

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