Throwback Thursday: “Hot Problems”

Written by on April 16, 2015

You know those songs that make you cringe so hard you wish you could go back in time and make the wise decision to NOT listen..? That’s how this song made everyone feel when it was uploaded back in 2012. If your face looked like this when you first heard “Hot Problems,” you’re not alone. If you haven’t heard it…you have been forewarned. The song was written by Double Take, consisting of Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey, who don’t seem to have written anything since then. They claimed that they know they can’t sing and they “don’t think [they’re] that hot.” It was mocked on several sites claiming it to be the worst song ever. Although they claim to have made the song and video as a joke, they are apparently open to songwriting in the future so hopefully that endeavor works out for them. Until then, here’s the infamous song that they will surely be remembered for:

And just for kicks, here’s some teens reacting to the music video…basically saying what we were all thinking.


By Fatema Sabir

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