Travis Garland’s “Want To Want Me”

Written by on May 5, 2015

By now, you know that R&B recording artist Travis Garland is no stranger to my posts and this cover is no different. We should all be hearing his voice on the radio and complaining about not getting into his sold out shows. For now though, let’s enjoy the gift of his voice through the wonderful videos he’s been putting out lately … especially this one. Leave it to Travis to turn a song that I’m not interested in into one that I can’t stop thinking about! I’m five hours in, and I can not stop singing it.

When Travis went to Twitter to announce that he was dropping a new cover at midnight, fans went crazy with guesses. I had my suspicions that it would be “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo, but he exceeded any of my expectations as always when that wish came true. The cover has been out for only a few hours and has already managed to generate over 3,000 views on YouTube, which with that vocal range … is no surprise!

The work ethic that Travis and his team have is admirable because they shot this video at three in the morning and were able to upload it so soon that fans hardly had to wait. Along with his original songs, his covers are widely popular because his take on everything that he does is so unique.

There is so much to be said about this version and I don’t know where to begin. This voice here is special, so I’ll let his vocals do the talking.

Want To Want Me” (Jason Derulo Cover) by Travis Garland

If you would like a refresher, check out Jason Derulo’s original version. Nothing will ever be the same.

Not only do I prefer this rendition opposed to the original one … but it’s a completely different song. I already know that I can’t listen to the original without comparing it to the wizardry Travis did. When you get chills from listening to a song, that’s when you know it’s really special.

While we wait for Travis to bless us with a download link … show him some love:

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What do you think? After listening to both, which version do you prefer?


By Rae Tolbert

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