Concert Review: Denzel Curry Shows H-Town Love at Warehouse Live

Written by on June 9, 2015

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Denzel Curry at Warehouse Live on June 8

Florida native rapper Denzel Curry made a mark on Houston’s fan base during his concert on Monday night at Warehouse Live. With the release of his album 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms, Curry showed Houston a great time with opening acts CurtisJames and King Judah. 

Walking into Warehouse Live’s Studio for the first time, I saw a melting pot of new faces and fans anxiously awaiting the arrival of Denzel Curry. Many fans were also present for opening act Judah. However, first to hit the stage was artist JamesCurtis. As an added bonus, DJ Mr. Rogers accompanied all opening acts that night.

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DJ Mr. Rogers at Warehouse Live

With positive vibes and great energy, JamesCurtis performed a few songs to get the crowd ready for the rest of the night. DJ Mr. Rogers reiterated how important it is to support local artists who are on the come up because huge artists these days were once walking in their shoes. Curtis closed out his set with a Houston pride song that got the crowd hype for the second opening act. Next on stage was local recording artist, King Judah.

Fans in the audience chanted Judah’s name before he even appeared on stage with friends and high energy. I got the opportunity to speak with Judah before he stepped on stage and got to catch how excited he was to perform for a Warehouse Live audience. This young rapper knew how to captivate a crowd with his great beats and stage presence. Representing Clay Matthews in a light jersey, Judah performed songs from his newly released album and older songs that many fans were familiar with. After a 30-minute set, Judah and accompanying friends on stage asked the audience if they were ready for Denzel Curry. The response was uncanny; the crowd was more than ready.

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Denzel Curry at Warehouse Live on June 8

After a quick DJ switch, Curry stepped on stage and jumped into his banger “N64” from his debut album Nostalgic 64. However, everyone was excited to hear songs off his sophomore album. When Curry performed “Ultimate,” the audience went wild for the crazy bass and vibes. Performing songs from “Chief Forever” to “Envy Me,” Curry raged with audience members and showed Houston major love.

The Florida rapper closed out the night with popular single “Threatz” from his debut album. As a fan of the artist, I found myself going crazy to this song and the volatile lyrics that come with it. Overall, Denzel Curry gave Houston what they wanted with a non-stop, high energy set that left everyone’s ears ringing.

Check out more pictures from Monday night below and make sure to stream Denzel Curry’s new album via Spotify or  SoundCloud.

Also, show local Houston artists some love and check out openers JamesCurtis and King Judah on Soundcloud.


By Rupal Mehta

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