KYLE’s New Music Video: “Really? Yeah!”

Written by on September 8, 2015

Following a recent update of his new album cover and title, SMYLE, SuperDuper Kyle has also released a music video for the song “Really? Yeah!,” including his SuperDuper crew (Brick, Max, Jesus and his girlfriend Jada, just to name a few). The single is a new but familiar one that he has often performed on the “King Wavy” tour. As a serious and long term fan of the SuperDuper crew, this video makes me want October to come much, MUCH faster!


In an eclectic homage to his eccentric, humorous personality and love for bright colors and patterns, the video includes all of that and more. Is this song REALLY that good? I’d say… “YEAH!”

If you like Kyle’s music, pre-order his upcoming album, visit his website, and keep up with the whole SuperDuper Crew by following them on Twitter (Kyle, Brick, Max, Jesus)!


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