Willow Smith asks “Why Don’t You Cry?” in her new video

Written by on September 24, 2015

Now that summer is over and fall has begun, the atmosphere of music must change like the leaves on the trees. In light of this, artist tend to release tracks that mirror the feeling the seasons give. So, Willow Smith has decided that it’s time for the icy yet vibrant temperature of her new single “Why Don’t You Cry?”

Whether it’s “controversial” fashion attire or dropping transcendental thoughts during an interview, Willow and her brother Jaden definitely know how to stay in the press. However, their music has always been something to keep an eye on. That being said, this is Willow’s best work yet! Her half-brother Trey Smith (a.k.a AcE) produced the track, and the two have concocted a song that’s part 90s synth-trance, part F.K.A. Twigs and part dark-electronic-ballad. The video compliments this unique sound with looks styled by iD and Willow wearing her own clothing. She also shows off a bit of her great performing skills as well.

What do you think? Is this the first jam of the fall? Check out the video below and follow her on Twitter for knowledge and other musings of a 14 year old creative genius.



By Trent Lira

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