Adult Swim Drive-In Tour: Putting a Modern Spin on an Old School Event

Written by on October 12, 2015

The popular Cartoon Network late-night programming block Adult Swim came through Houston this Friday with its unique spin on a classic American viewing experience called the Adult Swim Drive-In Tour. This drive-in is by Facebook event RSVP only and has come through many cities since it started in early September. The viewing party boasts exclusive content for it’s patrons, food trucks, a cityscape backdrop, raffles to win big prizes and goodies from participating vendors.

When you entered, you were handed a voucher to Houston food truck favorites Koagie Hots and The Waffle Bus. Jolly Ranchers was also present, handing out bags of candy and popcorn. Cricket Wireless had contests to giveaway Playstation 4s and Adult Swim had a table where they gave away Adult Swim-show themed swag.


Once you had all the free stuff they had to offer, you could sit on the lawn in front of the screen or–if you got there super early–park your car in the lot for the full drive-in experience. After finding a comfy spot on the lawn, it was time to actually watch what we were all there to see, Adult Swim exclusive content. The first program shown was the season premiere of long running fan favorite “Squidbillies.” It doesn’t actually premiere on Adult Swim until Spring 2016, so the audience went wild.


The next episode shown was the pilot of a new show called “World Peace.” It was a bizarre mix of fringe comedy, prank show, and sketch comedy. In line with other Adult Swim programming such as “Loiter Squad” and “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job,” it’s sure to be a hit. Speaking of “Tim and Eric …” the season 2 premiere of “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories” was shown next and received a great audience reaction. I won’t give too much away, but you don’t want to miss this season for sure. After that, another pilot episode was played for the integrated animation style show, “Dream Corps LLC.” With live action and “A Scanner Darkly” rotoscope-style animation mashed together, this show proves to be one to keep an eye on. It stars Jon Gries (aka Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite”) and is produced by “The Office” star John Krasinski.


The highly anticipated new show “Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter” was shown next. The pilot showcased quite a star-studded cast of actors from television and film. The very first scene includes Paul Rudd getting murdered 80s b-horror-flick style in a “quiet town” where “nothing peculiar ever happens;” the set-up for something abnormal to say the least. Jon Glaser from “Parks & Recreation” is cast as Neon Joe, and Stephanie March from “Law & Order: SVU” as the town mayor. The evening ended with the season 2 premiere of last year’s sleeper hit “Mike Tyson’s Mysteries.”

Be sure to check out info about future Adult Swim drive-ins you can attend, here!


By Trent Lira

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