Concert Review: Max Schneider At The House Of Blues

Written by on November 9, 2015

Shortly after touring alongside Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa and Hoodie Allen, The Sounds Like Gibberish Tour was an amazing experience to be had when MAX a.k.a Max Schneider along with special guests Kenzie Nimmo and Call Me Karizma rocked the house on Thursday night at the House Of Blues.

Call Me Karizma

He wants you to call him Karizma…but I really want to call him my new best friend. Too soon? Well, after watching him perform the first set of the night, I quickly decided that he was one of the best performers I had seen. His set was an experience that represents what a concert should be; You could have gone to the show not knowing a single lyric and would have left inspired. With songs like “Birds” and “Loser,” Karizma’s just doing his own thing while not letting anyone get in the way of his happiness or who he wants to be. He wants to spread the message that you shouldn’t waste time living life for anyone other than yourself.


Before performing “Pictures.jpeg,” he requested for the house lights to be turned off because he said he didn’t need the focus to be on him anymore. At one point, Karizma even abandoned the stage to join the crowd in the middle of the floor where he requested that everyone grab a stranger’s hand for his song “Drugs.” Strangers hand-in-hand celebrated his message while camera flashes illuminated the room.

By switching glasses with a fan and letting another hold on to his flannel (with instruction to return it to him after the show) to passing bottles of water and the microphone through the crowd, Karizma put so much trust into the audience and the interaction was like no other. We were given the ultimate Throwback Thursday when he treated the crowd to Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Goin Down” and (his favorite band) My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers.” That was when the generation gap was exposed and all of the twenty-somethings traveled back to junior high/high school to belt out the lyrics that came back quite naturally. Karizma made the crowd feel so important to his performance and during one of his talks with the audience, it was understood why.


Here’s the deal. There’s a hundred fifty kids out there. You guys mean the world to me. Without you guys, I would have nothing. There would be no show. I could stand on this stage anywhere in the middle of the dessert, but it wouldn’t be a show because I’d have no one there for me. So you guys mean as much to me as I mean to you.

He then went on to explain how there are many other artists who forget where they come from and the people who actually make the show: the crowd.

You can be whatever you want in your entire life. Just don’t wait. A lot of people wait for others acceptance to make it ok. It’s too late. My parents do not want me here right now. Guess what? I lost a lot of friends in high school ’cause I chase what I want. I just made a new bunch of new friends so “hoorah” for that. Here’s the deal. I do not want you guys to leave this place until you’ve taken a picture with me. I’m not gonna ask you to come buy a shirt or follow me on twitter because that’s f**kboy sh*t.

Before leaving the stage, Karizma performed a few more songs that left the audience wanting more and then shortly after members of the audience darted off to check out his merch. If the rest of the concert was anything like Karizma’s performance, I knew this would be one for the books!

Kenzie Nimmo

Singer and songwriter Kenzie Nimmo, along with her husband Harris Heller were the second act to take over the Bronze Peacock room. While stealing heart-eyed emoji glances at each other, this sweet couple slowed things down to tug at the audience’s heartstrings with acoustic songs like “Hold My Breath” and “For A Moment”. After performing songs about heartbreak, the audience really got into Nimmo’s “Dust” which seemed to be a crowd favorite and a song I can’t wait to purchase on iTunes. One of the highlights of the set was when Kenzie and Harris split the crowd into this epic cover battle including hits like “Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly, “Can’t Feel My Face” by the Weeknd, “Jealous” by Nick Jonas and “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. Although she’s not a big fan of Houston’s humidity, Kenzie Nimmo put on a great and authentic performance that won me over!



Shortly after Kenzie Nimmo’s set was finished and the crowd erupted into screams of MAX’s name, he stepped onto the stage and wasted no time bringing the house down with his songs “Puppeteer” and “Hotel Confidential.” We were only two songs in and I knew years of anticipating seeing him live would be worth the wait. However, the last couple of stops on the road have not been like some of the first stops on the tour. 

After breaking his foot nearly two weeks ago, MAX explained that he had to be on crutches; his team even wanted him to cancel the rest of the tour. Thankfully, that was not the case because not even a broken foot and crutches could have stopped Max from going IN on his set. He even mentioned that sometimes he forgets he has them while performing. He has found ways to work with them by performing tricks and kicks to make having them look not like a burden, but like a prop!maxxx123

The duration of the set was everything I thought it would be. MAX gave the fans a variety of songs from his Ms. Anonymous and Say Max EPs and the crowd didn’t miss a note. “Someday” from the movie Rags that he starred alongside Keke Palmer in 2012 made an appearance and the fans went crazy. Kenzie Nimmo even returned to the stage alongside MAX for an epic Hall & Oats cover of “You Make My Dreams” and Call Me Karizma returned to perform the title track from Ms. Anonymous.


MAX gave his crutches a break to perform songs like “You’re Not That Girl” where he talked about thinking a certain someone was “the one” then realizing that there is a greater and better love to be had. Afterwards, he performed a mashup of his two favorite songs that are out right now: “Hotline Bling” and “Where Are U Now” which were flawless. His vocal ability is as real and authentic as you would imagine.


Whether you only know MAX from his epic YouTube channel where he blesses your ears with covers of songs that make you forget the original exists, you’re a fan of his acting performances or he won you over with originals like “Gibberish” and “Nothing Without Love,” the House Of Blues was the right place to be. Before performing his last two songs of the night, MAX thanked the crowd for being there, being open to all the music that was heard that night and supporting him by requesting his songs on the radio. Whether you have purchased or streamed his music, he said he appreciates the support. “That’s cool, too” he said for those who illegally downloaded it, “If you use Limewire, that’s kinda weird.” After an impressive set, MAX took the crowd home with one of my favorites “Gibberish” and “Mugshot.” The entire time, I couldn’t take my eyes off of MAX. Enjoying his performances through a television or computer screen for all of these years is one thing…but actually seeing it in person is another. No way did his crutches hinder is performance, but I can’t imagine what it’s like without them because he gave it more than 100%! I’m extremely proud of his success, his artistry and how he’s on the road performing and living his dream. Although this was my first time seeing him live, it will not be last.

All of the performers took note that the Houston stop was one of the smaller shows they had encountered on the tour, however Houston brought the energy. The Bronze Peacock room at the House Of Blues is at the top of my favorite venues list because of how small and intimate it is; there’s not a bad place in sight. There’s no denying that all of the acts on the Sounds Like Gibberish Tour belong on the stage; MAX mentioned that being on the road together for so long, it felt like a family. The best part about the night was noticing that every performer genuinely appreciates what they do and it made you happy that you were there to share that experience with them. As long as they keep making stops in Houston, they’ve got fan in me at any venue.

After the show was over, my post concert depression (PCD) didn’t even kick in because I felt completely satisfied with the night. Also, the first 50 people who bought MAX merchandise were able to meet him after show, but the way my luck is set up, I was THE 51st person! (I’ll just have to catch him next time! :p) But while leaving the House Of Blues, we ran into Kenzie and Harris quite a few times as they were packing up to leave and after talking to them for a little, Harris offered to take a picture of all of us together.IMG_6241Karizma also brought the party outside to meet a few fans and just by interacting with him for five minutes, he makes you feel like you’ve been friends with him all along. He also had conversation and gave a compliment to everyone he encountered. (Wonderful human, that guy.)WTcnpO3W

Although I’m not sure how much longer Houston will have to wait to see these lovely humans again, it will be worth wait. I’m extremely thankful to have been able to catch a show on the Sounds Like Gibberish Tour and the new music I was exposed to.

I look forward to seeing them again and hearing more from Call Me Karizma, Kenzie Nimmo and Max Schneider in the future. Until then, check out their sites below and if you went to the show, want to ask me anything or for more information, tweet me here!

Max Schneider: Official Website | Twitter | Facebook |

Call Me Karizma: Official Website | TwitterFacebook | Soundcloud

Kenzie Nimmo: TwitterFacebook | Youtube |

As always, thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!


By Rae Tolbert

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