Travis Scott Partners with Yeezy and Sends Tremors

Written by on November 10, 2015


Travis Scott collaborated with Yeezy on their new music video for the song “Piss On Your Grave” that first appeared on Travis Scott’s new album, Rodeo.

For those who wonder, why Rodeo? Travis Scott is a fellow Houstonian characterized by his shows that are often herds of fans rounded up by Travis’ lasso of music.

Houston has had past successes, such as Beyonce and Patrick Swayze, and has even been advertised by famous names such as Drake. Now, Clutch City has a rockstar hip-hop artist to make a name for Houston in the music industry.

Houston sets out West.

The video merges Kanye West’s artistry and Travis Scott’s rebellion into scenes of ghosts trying to burst out of them as mother nature digs itself a grave. The shots are earthy and sway back and forth between the rappers.

Even though he is alongside one of the biggest names in hip-hop, Travis Scott glares into the camera with immense power as if he’s saying he means business.

The music business, at that. In an interview with Billboard, he expressed his thoughts on the music industry as being “a self-managing place” that is both “culturally controlled and artist-controlled” and “not really based on a label anymore” which he thinks is “amazing.”

A pioneer, Travis Scott started off sending seismic waves from underground Houston. Now, he’s making earthquakes in the music business and putting Houston on the map.


Check the video out yourself:


By Hazel Ramos

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