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Written by on December 31, 2015

Photo by Madeline Robicheaux

Photo by Madeline Robicheaux

As 2015 comes to a close, many media outlets are releasing their end-of-year lists for top songs, albums, and everything in between. Why should we be any different? The Coog Radio Blog Team has come together to bring your our top songs of 2015. The songs listed below are in no particular order. Each blogger has picked a song that was their favorite of the year. Some are widely known, while others went under the radar. Take a look at our list and listen to our compiled Spotify playlist as you read. What was your favorite song of 2015? Comment below and let us know!

“Do You Remember” by Jarryd James
I believe “Do You Remember” is one of the best songs to come out of 2015. This is the debut single by Australian singer Jarryd James and from the first time I stumbled upon it, I fell in love. James’ voice is so haunting and unique that I can’t help but get chills even now, after months of listening to it. I remember wondering how the song wasn’t getting much recognition but now it has 23,642,580 plays on Spotify…and counting. He is definitely one to keep your eye out for. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen to it here:

— Fatema Sabir

“Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber
In just three minutes and fifty three seconds, “Love Yourself” has won over the hearts of anyone who has heard itfans and non-fans alike. Using little production with this one and a secret weapon by the name of Ed Sheeran, it took a short amount of time for Bieber’s acoustic diss track to become a huge success and soar up the charts before it was ever released as an official single! “Love Yourself” has gained not only heavy attention, stream plays, and a reason for that one person who complains they don’t like a Justin Bieber track to keep quiet, but also a very deserving spot as one of the best songs of 2015. It’s a great reminder of why fans have supported him thus far and what everyone else was missing out on.

— Rae Tolbert

“Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
I chose Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone,” from their latest album, Multilove, because the title alone embodies one of the most prominent first-world-problems our generation faces today. The song is about lead singer, Ruban Nielsen’s separation anxiety he and wife his experienced during their girlfriend’s trip to South America. Yes, I said he and his wife’s girlfriend. This interview with Pitchfork can sum it up better than I can. The song is funky, which to seasoned UMO listeners, was a different, but welcomed surprise. This song showed Nielsen’s prowess as a composer and producer in a way that none of the other previous Unknown releases.

— Waylon O’Day

“Why iii Love the Moon” by Phony Ppl
In my opinion, the best songs you learn to fall in love with are the ones that are the most unexpected. For me, I found a favorite track of mine through Vine.

The Brooklyn group “Phony Ppl” released “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” this year and their single “Why iii Love the Moon” is one of their most outstanding songs off their soulful album. With its combination of rap, rock, and a complete jazzy piano solo, it is bound to stay stuck in your head. It certainly did for me.

— Julia Ong

“Jungle” by Drake
There were some really spectacular songs that came out this year but this one really, really stuck with me. I’m a sucker for Drake’s slower, R&B inspired songs and this one really did it for me. The production is fantastic (major props to 40), the lyrics are great, and Drake sounds really great on it. It’s also my most streamed song of the year on Spotify so that’s a big deal.

— Ayisha Mahama 

“American Tantrum” by Rothschild
Being of Houston’s best upcoming hardcore bands, Rothschild earns a special spot on my list. “American Tantrum” was only the band’s second EP and brought so much in the short amount of time the EP is. The title track kicks the EP off and demonstrates the aggression that is present throughout the record. I highly suggest checking this band out and catch them at one of their shows in 2016.

— Rajiv Radia

“KOI” by Le1f
This year, it was especially hard to pick a favorite single. I had dozen’s throughout the year that I’ve been bopping too and I didn’t have a sure-fire winner like I did last year. Like children, I loved them all equally, but I couldn’t help but think to myself “what single do I absolutely have to get into every time it comes on?” When being honest with myself, it was all became clear, “KOI” was the one. N.Y. rapper Le1f released his first full-length album after years of mixtapes in 2015 “RIOT BOI” and this track featuring production by one of my favorite British DJs SOPHIE was a match made in heaven. It’s clever and catchy in all the right ways and once you listen to it, I can guarantee that you will know that I made the right decision. DO IT!

— Trent Lira

“I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” by Jamie xx
Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” was the song of the summer. Everything about this track is perfect—from Popcaan’s dance hall vibes, to the infectious electronic rhythms to Young Thug’s crazy, raunchy and surprisingly intelligible lyrics. This song is so good that Apple co-signed it, featuring the track in one of its ads earlier this year. “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” embodies happiness and is the perfect music pick for, well, a good time.

— BreeAngela Hamilton

“Jumpman” by Future & Drake
Although What A Time To Be Alive came out in September, Jumpman by Drake and Future revolutionized the party scene in 2015. It was difficult to pick a favorite from WATTBA, but looking back at 2015, Jumpman was a crucial song from the album. Every kickback, pre game party, and party had the hit. 

— Daisha Lewis

“Reno” by Wild Child
For me, 2015 was a year of traveling alone across hundreds of borders. There is something about traveling alone that is a second nature, and I learn more about myself within each trip. To accompany me on every trip, I always have my camera, my journal, and a couple of playlists. I recently saw Wild Child perform at Walter’s Downtown and they closed the show with this song. It was a tough choice to pick only one song to choose as my favorite for the year, but Wild Child created a song that touched home for me with their heart-filled lyrics of traveling, breakups, and returning to the only place that ever matters: home.

— Madeline Robicheaux

“Hymn for The Weekend” by Coldplay
Coldplay can do no wrong. Call me biased but you know it’s true. Not only can their music transcend you into a whole different universe, but they included the very queen B on this track! I mean with Beyonce singing in the background along with the beautiful beats and naturistic sounds on the track blending perfectly with Chris Martin’s, what more could you ever ask for? 

— Bethel Biru

“Heaven Only Knows” by Towkio ft. Chance the Rapper, Lido, and Eryn Allen Kane
This upbeat song has a soulful vibe and astounding vocals that’s heartfelt composition that always leaves me in a good mood no matter how I’m feeling.

— Reza Mousavidin 

“Overdose” by FIDLAR
It is powerful album and this song in particular gives amazing insight on the lead singers battle from addiction. This was the first album released after his long journey to recovery from drug addiction and the song is dark but done so well.

— Corina Carrizales

“Antidote” by Travi$ Scott
This year, Travi$ Scott evolved from a small time mixtape artist to a huge artist that collaborated with some of the music industry’s biggest names. When he dropped this fire track in June, his fans and everyone in between couldn’t help but get hype when listening to it. I was fortunate enough to experience this song live three times this year (and somehow survived) and can ensure you that it is well worth the madness.The Houston native rapper and producer is onto bigger and better things in 2016 and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

— Rupal Mehta

Happy New Year from all of us at Coog Radio to you!


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