Artist Spotlight: SIIMBA LIIVES LONG

Written by on January 22, 2016



Say hello to the fire eating, fire spitting new hip hop artist Siimba Liives Long. Born in New York, raised in Ethiopia and now residing in Brooklyn, this white cloaked, head scarfed Ethiopian-American rapper has a flow so sick he’s sure to blow up soon. 

His video starts off with some great horns before blending in with a 90’s sounding hip hop beat which automatically gets you bobbing your head in sync. “I shot the video in Ethiopia, South Africa and Brooklyn,” he tells Noisey. “I thought it was really important to shoot the video in these locations because they all play such a big role in my life and journey.”

Not only is his spit game vicious, but he also seems to exude this effortlessly cool vibe as he roams around with the kings of the jungle, hanging on to the tail of some lions as if it’s nothing to be afraid of in his music video “Cocaine Bimbie.” (The lions don’t even care…that’s how cool this guy is.)

Watch the music video above and make sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and check out his SoundCloud.

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