Concert Review: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Revention Music Center

Written by on January 20, 2016

Photo by Rupal Mehta

Photo by Rupal Mehta

Bringing the Seattle vibes to Houston, rapper Macklemore showed Houston all the love on Saturday night at Revention Music Center. With no opener, Ben Haggerty (or Macklemore) and Ryan Lewis took the stage with high energy at half-past 8 p.m. The diverse and packed crowd went wild as the rapper walked out in a classic flannel shirt and black jeans with the big smile we all know well. Right off the bat, Macklemore asked the audience if they were ready to have a good time and in that instant dropped the beat for “Thrift Shop.” The vcrowd turned into one big dance party and confetti exploded into the air of the venue. Even Ryan Lewis, who was hanging out in the background of the stage, was jamming out to the infectious beats that he produced.

Photo by Rupal Mehta

Photo by Rupal Mehta

Backup breakdancers and singers painted the stage with motion and joy throughout Macklemore’s entire set. A full band was present on stage for the concert, which included very talented trumpet players that the rapper has known for many years. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis decided to slow things down with the rapper collaboration song with Ed Sheeran titled, “Growing Up.” The crowd sang along to the touching chorus that speaks on Macklemore’s anxiety of having his first child with his dear wife, Tricia Davis.

Photo by: Rupal Mehta

Photo by: Rupal Mehta

Halfway through his set, Macklemore was surrounded by low spotlights for his acoustic performance of “Otherside,” which is one of my favorite tracks by the rapper. The intensity and raw emotion he put into his performance of that song was felt by the entire audience, who watched on in awe. Knowing the Seattle rapper, we knew he couldn’t leave the stage on a solemn note, which is why he left the stage with his hit single “Downtown” that everyone got down to. He said goodnight and goodbye to his one of his favorite cities in the entire universe and left the stage.

But, wait. He wasn’t done yet. Visuals on RMC’s big screen flashed images of Macklemore dressed up as his alter-ego Raven Bowie (RIP Mr. Bowie). The rapper then made his way back on stage in a glittery cape and silver ’80s mullet wig to his track “And We Danced.” The crowd went nuts and danced along with the rapper, ending the night on a celebratory note in the name of Mr. David Bowie. However, the Seattle rapper couldn’t leave Houston without performing his high energy single “Can’t Hold Us,” which was my favorite performance of the night. For the duration of that 4-minute song, nothing else mattered except for the positive energy and happiness felt by everyone in the crowd. Everyone lost themselves in dance to the toe-tapping beat, which was the only proper way to close out the night.

Even though I am not the biggest Macklemore fan, Saturday night showed me why his fans are so loyal and always raving about his music. He has an infectious stage presence and energy that was felt by audience members even sitting all the way in the back of Revention Music Center.


By Rupal Mehta

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