Concert Review: G-Eazy at Revention Music Center

Written by on February 3, 2016


G-Eazy (Photo by Rupal Mehta)

On a humid Monday night, Bay Area native Gerald Gillum (better known as G-Eazy) stepped on stage with high energy and enthusiasm to show Houston a good time, all thanks to Scoremore Shows.

With Nerf the Pharaoh, Marc E. Bassy, and A$AP Ferg opening the show with great sets, the crowd knew they were in for a fun-filled night. A$AP Mob member A$AP Ferg took the stage with performances of “Shabba” to his new collaboration with Future “New Level.” Hard-hitting bass and beats had the crowd keeping their hands in the air with Ferg, dancing and saying every word they knew from the hit songs.

A$AP Ferg (Photo by Rupal Mehta)

Even though the audience may not have known every single song Ferg performed, they still appreciated the energy he was giving them and they reciprocated it just the same. When A$AP Ferg knew he had the crowd at a peak high, he dropped the beat for “Work (Remix),” which made the crowd go wild. Picking up a water bottle and slowly making his way to the front of the stage, Ferg splashed the crowd with the icy water as the dirty beat dropped.

Photo by Rupal Mehta

A$AP Ferg (Photo by Rupal Mehta)

After a solid 45-minute set, the Harlem rapper asked the audience if they were ready to see G-Eazy, and the audience said yes with a deafening roar of applause and yelling. Houston local rapper Bun B even made a surprise appearance on stage with Ferg, as if the crowd wasn’t excited enough. Ending his set with a tribute to the late A$AP Yams, Ferg made his way off the stage with a huge smile and appreciation for his Houston performance.

Backstage crew members spent a few minutes breaking down the opening acts’ set and preparing for Eazy’s performance. A long black curtain donned the stage, which hid the rapper’s giant set with neon lights and colorful backdrops. All of a sudden, Revention Music Center went pitch black. Screams from the audience were heard and the black curtain drops. G-Eazy’s silhouette can be seen as he performs his intro track from When It’s Dark Out “Random.” Donned in a black leather jacket, white tee, black jeans, and sunglasses, the Oakland native rapper floating across the stage in style.

Photo by Rupal Mehta

G-Eazy (Photo by Rupal Mehta)

Performing a majority of his songs from his sophomore album, G-Eazy knew how to work a crowd with his tall and confident persona. From “Me, Myself, and I” to “One of Them,” the Bay Area rapper made for a spectacular live show. As always, artists love to test their crowds to see if they have any day one fans out there. That being said, the beat for “Lady Killers” dropped and the audience knew almost all the words, which impressed the rapper beyond belief. He knew that Houston would be the best city to perform in front of in Texas, but he might have changed his mind and made it the best city on the entire tour.

G-Eazy (Photo by Rupal Mehta)


G-Eazy has built a huge fan base by creating a special bond between him and his audience during his amazing live performances. From jumping from one end of the stage to the other, Eazy without a doubt knows how to work a crowd. Even though he was drenched in sweat (almost equivalent to the audience) by the show’s end, he announced that he was planning on making his next single go platinum, and said he knows his fans will help him get there.

Coming back out on stage to an encore song of “You Got Me,” the 26-year-old had the same amount of energy as he did when he first stepped out on stage. Evident from a sold out show, G-Eazy and his fans have a close connection and as long as he keeps dropping quality projects and great live performances, who knows how far his huge following will take him in the future.


By Rupal Mehta

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