Local Artist Spotlight: Hakeem

Written by on February 22, 2016

It seems like everyone is either making rap music or electronic these days. Even though i’m a fan of both, sometimes it gets a little boring and the need to find something new makes me borderline crazy. Then along comes Hakeem and I feel saved.

When I find new music, I want to know everything about them. Starting from where they’re from to their favorite flavor of ice cream. Unfortunately, there’s not much on the duo seeing as they’re still underground but mark my words, that will change very soon. Houston natives, Hakeem mix electro beats with some soulful hip hop/R&B vocals along with soothing melodies creating a virtual world of chopped up heaven. You can almost imagine yourself chilling on a rooftop with a couple of friends, drink in hand while vibing out to their amazing music. If you’re a fan of soul music and don’t mind a little electronic twist, then you’ve certainly hit the jack pot. My favorite is “Settle Down” and “Farewell” from their new EP V.

Give them a listen on Soundcloud and follow their social media on TwitterInstagramFacebookTumblr.


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