Artist Spotlight: Wild Nothing

Written by on May 10, 2016

This dream pop/indie rock band originating from Blacksburg, Virginia, formed in late 2009, with lead singer Jack Tatum, bassist Jeff Haley, and guitarist Nathan Goodman. Within seven years, Wild Nothing has released three successful studio albums and three EPs, each one incomparable to the last.

wild-nothing-gemini-cover-art  Gemini album cover

Their first studio album, Gemini, was released in 2010 and instantly caught the attention of indie music lovers. While the band’s focus is dream pop, each album incorporates different aspects of musical genres, Gemini adopts a 1980’s sound that is seamlessly integrated with their dreamy euphoric sound. This album takes us on a trip of nostalgic 80s and synth pop, a trip I never want to end.


nocturne Nocturne album cover

Post-Gemini, the band caught traction and their second studio album, Nocturne, was anticipated by a beginning fan base unlike the first. Released in late-2012, this album was able to be produced with much more flexibility, in terms of quality and the sound the band wanted to produce, due to their ever-growing audience. Nocturne is felt to be much softer and full-bodied, not emphasizing 80s synth pop like Gemini. The album feels more intimate as though we are discovering who the band truly is and who they want to be.


wild-nothing-life of pause Life of Pause album cover

This American indie-rock band has wonderfully captured the pop euphoric sound so many of us indie rock fans have been searching for and Wild Nothing is one to follow. Their most recent studio album, Life of Pause, was released February 19, 2016 and they then quickly kicked off their Life of Pause tour on April 20th where they will be making appearances around the U.S. before heading off to the U.K.

If you’re a fan of dream pop/indie rock, or simply just great music, be sure to catch them live at the Mohawk in Austin, TX this Monday, May 16th.

Located at the corner of Red River St. and E. 10th St., the Mohawk is the perfect place to kick back, socialize, and enjoy an array of music genres. Coog Radio will be covering the show, so be sure to check back here for a full review of the concert and I hope to see you music lovers at the Mohawk experiencing the wonders of Wild Nothing!

Wild Nothing: Website    Twitter    Facebook


By Emma Moore

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