Concert Review: DVSN at Warehouse Live

Written by on June 19, 2016



Awarded as Houston’s “Best Musical Venue” in 2008, Warehouse Live has hosted many well known artists such as Adele, Panic! at the Disco, Drake, and now DVSN. Known as the mysterious voice hiding behind a neon purple division sign, Daniel Daley, aka DVSN brings back soulful R&B full of beautiful falsettos and sexual innuendos in his album Sept. 5th which he preformed last Wednesday night at his Houston concert. 


Photo by: Salem

To say I was surprised when passing by the venue was an understatement. The line for the concert not only curved around the venue, but also a bit into the parking lot behind. Yes, DVSN was a part of Drake’s OVO crew, but I had no idea he was this popular, selling out tickets in just a short amount of time. After getting our tickets scanned and walking inside, we were greeted by DJ  JQUE from 97.9 The Box who was hyping up the crowd for hours and setting the mood until DVSN came on. Finally, the lights changed to blue and smoke started to fill the stage. A trio of women stood in line singing beautifully until a shadowy figure came from behind the curtain, joining them while singing one of his most known songs, “Too Deep.”

There aren’t many artists who sound good live. Some sound alright or similar to what they sound like on their albums, but DVSN was great. Amazing actually. The high notes in “Too Deep?” Perfect. That feathering falsetto in “Hallucinations?” Literally on point. Listening to DVSN live was a great experience and made me appreciate his music even more. Good R&B is rare these days. Sure there’s still Chris Brown, up and coming artists like Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez, but DVSN is something else. Something more real in a sense.


Photo by: Salem

Towards the end of the night, he performed his version of “Lets Get It On,” red lights making the moment even more sensual. Throughout the show he gave an ode to Prince and Aliyah, smoke hazing up the purple lights as he sang “One in A Million” with Purple Rain instrumentals playing in the background, his voice creating a throwback-ish type of trance. He even came back on stage and performed one more song when the crowd demanded an encore. He didn’t disappoint.

Follow DVSN on Twitter and Instagram and listen to his album Sept. 5th on Soundcloud and Spotify or purchase it on iTunes.


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