The city of Boston has always been well known for it’s diverse music scene and rich urban culture. So it should come as no surprise to see yet another stellar alternative group hail from the Liberty City. The indie-rock trio, known as Lady Pills, claps back at the establishment with honest prose and gritty guitar tone.


The band consists of Claire Duhring on percussion, singer & guitarist Ella Boissonnault, and bassist Alison Dooley. Currently the group is signed to Babe City Records, a record label based in Washington D.C. Upon listening to their debut album, Despite, I couldn’t help but break out into an “air-drum fashion.” Each one of these songs splashes with brutal candor, reaching out to anyone who listens and shaking them silly. The contagious melodies of Boissonnault’s vocals leave you mesmerized, while the bouncing bass riffs of Dooley keeps each song steady but unpredictable. The lyrical content proves to show that these ladies are definitely not your “stereotypical barbie queens,” a line used in the album’s seventh track, “I Hate You.”

Currently, Lady Pills is on a U.S. tour with running band Den Mate. Show dates and locations are shown below.


Make sure you listen to Lady Pills’ debut album, Despite, a great indie-rock soundtrack for the summer! Link is below.

Despite by Lady Pills


By Franco Rosa

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