ACL Artist Spotlight: Raury

Written by on September 28, 2016



Austin, be prepared. Young Indigo child aka young coconut oil papi is coming to Texas again for both weekends of ACL. From crowd surfing to tweeting his fans for casual hang outs, Raury’s pure soul is definitely one you won’t want miss seeing preform. 

Working from a vary of artists from Wu Tang’s RZA to Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Raury’s sound is unlike any other. Deciding to pursue music despite continuing his education, the then 18-year-old went down a challenging path which many of us struggle with everyday – listening to your heart. You can actually hear recordings of him and his mother arguing about his future throughout his first album Indigo Child which shows a raw and personal insight of the artist’s life. It makes you respect his bravery for showing this kind of vulnerability at such an early point of his career.
I won’t compromise
I won’t live a life
On my knees
– Raury “God’s Whisper”
It’s nearly impossible to categorize Raury’s music. Hip hop, Rock, Funk, Alternative, Folk, Raury doesn’t stick to just one genre, even in his second album All We Need. He explores different sounds, saying what he feels while provoking his listeners to search the deeper meanings in life while spreading love, peace and happiness and just doing what he likes which makes his music stand out in the vast sea of blasé radio hits. 

 Buy tickets here to catch Raury in Austin for ACL on Friday, September 30 and Friday, October 7 and definitely make sure to follow Raury on Instagram and Twitter (he usually tweets about random meet-ups and occasionally follows back!)
Listen to his new song “Butterfly” on his Soundcloud!

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