Local Artist Spotlight: Resonant Frequency

Written by on October 24, 2016


Behold a luminescent spectral blast from the past! Electronic Austin-city-trio, Resonant Frequency, “brings 60’s soul, 70’s funk and disco” with a taste of “80’s pop and 90’s hip-hop” all infused into anthemic dance medley.

With heavy bass lines and spacey rhythms, the sub-genre that is EDM, brings a new light of consciousness to the popular music scene. However, one of the many challenges that artists face in this genre is the negative criticism that DJ’s “aren’t really artists” or show “no creative ability.” So, to put an end to the defaming of this craft, I want to share with you my sentiments on just how important a band like, Resonant Frequency, is to the future of music.

First off, anything that involves music, film, art, or a communicative medium of some kind, is going to take a great amount of patience, persistence and creativity. Some of these artists and musicians work and perform to the bone, with only one objective in mind, that their audience has a good time. What is so astounding about a band like Resonant Frequency, is that these musicians not only strive for a total sonic experience but a totally diverse and broad sound-base.

Their sound is funky, fresh, and futuristic sounding in all the best ways.  Sounding a bit on the vapor-wave spectrum of music, these three talented musicians bring a very unique “electro-soul” and “future funk” renaissance to their tracks and remixes. Coming from Austin, Texas, multi-instrumentalists, Vince Seidl, Landon Reichle and Ben Slade collaboratively produce the sound and dynamics of each song and set list. Playing from a multitude of instruments, including but not limited to guitar, bass synth, turntables, saxophone, electronic drums, synth pads, and keyboards, they provide the audience with a dazzling and engaging live show. The closer you get to the sound waves of Resonant Frequency, the further into a transient beat-induced daze will you lean in towards.

This weekend, they are headlining at the “Hellectroween: Delusions of Grandeur Live Jams Fest”, presented by “Littleface Entertainment” (live link). “Festival passes” (live link) are just $15 via Ticketfly.com, for 21 and up listeners only, and will take place this Saturday, Oct. 29th at 9pm at Last Concert Cafe and will include other experimental/electronica acts such as The C.I.T.Y., Layer, The Clergy, and Eroda One. So grab your spooky costumes and boogie on down at Last Concert Cafe, this Halloween weekend. For more details and information on festival acts, please see the “Hellectroween: Delusions of Grandeur, FB event page” (live link).


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