SOS Fest Artist Spotlight: Beach House

Written by on October 14, 2016

Trippy, peaceful, calming, however you want to describe it, Beach House is coming to Sound on Sound Fest and their space-like tunes are something you won’t want to miss. 

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are a pretty dynamic duo. Looking to start a band, French-born singer and instrumentalist Victoria was looking for a bassist and Alex, a Baltimore native who can play multiple types of instruments was just the right guy. After some complications in the band they were in, they broke off and started their own in 2005 which we know today as Beach House.

If you like Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala, you’ll probably really like Beach House. With similar “I don’t really care about what people say, I just want to make music” kind of attitudes, they focus solely on creating out of this world music with builds, peaks, drops, and dragged out synths. It’s sort of like they put you in a trance the second you notice how great the instrumentals are when Victoria comes along singing vaguely about everything and nothing. They’re album Depression Cherry is my favorite.

Tender is the night / for a broken heart

Who will dry your eyes / when it falls apart

Beach House “Space song”

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