Artist Spotlight: Ugly God

Written by on November 29, 2016

“I don’t care about getting rich off of music. If that happens that would be awesome. But I’m going to be legendary. My honesty, I feel like no one is honest anymore. You have a few but…I make it fun. I’m not worried about how can I make a radio hit. I’m not worried about that.”- Ugly God

2016 has been a defining year for young rappers in the game. With the issue of XXL 2016 Freshman Class and the growing popularity rappers too eccentric to be a copy and too real to take themselves seriously , it does not take a hip hop head to catch the wave of the zeitgeist. Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black and now Houstonian Ugly God.

Ugly God is probably the best example of the rise of DIY rappers who grew up in the age of the internet. Known as a gifted student, Ugly God found himself at the University of Southern Mississippi studying computer engineering. Finding himself bored in his dorm, with a lot of free time, Ugly began making beats and rapping. With a combination of honest and fun flows and minimal beats that roll their eyes at pretentiousness, Ugly God is becoming a voice to a new generation of listeners. His single “Water” has over 16 million views, and you can watch it on Youtube.


By Tsega Demissie

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