Day for Night Artist Spotlight: DJ Windows 98

Arcade Fire’s own, Win Butler, will be at Day For Night this year as his latest musical endeavor, DJ Windows 98. Combining elements of African and Haitian soul music, hazy electronics and sampling distinct sonics from the 90’s, Butler brings together all these elements to curate a sound that feels like it belongs in the year 2030, at least.  djwinUnder this project, Butler seems to bring that selectiveness to deciding which events to perform at and that makes seeing this act something pretty exclusive. DJ Window 98’s lack of internet presence adds to this exclusivity and mystery, currently they can’t be found on any major streaming sites. Luckily, there are a few live videos of their DJ set. Be sure to check out DJ Window 98 at Day for Night, December 16th.  Tickets are going fast so be sure to get them soon!


By Kris Valladares

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