Written by on February 8, 2017

Music producer Trakksounds called for a boycott of Fitzgerald’s, one of Houston’s oldest live music venues, Tuesday.

Earlier this week Trakksounds sent an email to the venue, hoping to book a show. Instead of the standard “thanks, but no thanks,” the producer was met with a racially charged message about his style of music and the fans that come along with it.

Trakksounds posted the short exchange with venue owner Sara Fitzgerald to Twitter.


Fitzgerald fired back, telling Trakksounds to “boycott away.” She stated that the venue would not host “misogynistic music that worships rape culture and harbors hatred” and maintains that she quoted Trakksound’s lyrics in her emails.

Other artists and venues have rallied behind the producer and denounced Fitzgerald’s.

What do you think about the owner’s comments? Will you boycott Fitzgerald’s? Let us know in the comments!


By: BreeAngela Hamilton

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