Boome1000 Exclusive & Show Review

Written by on June 11, 2017

Boome1000, a rapper from Dallas, came to Houston this last Thursday for a sold out show at Scout Bar, and I had the pleasure of being there for his killer performance. If you tuned in on Thursday to the diiirtyanthony variety show on CoogRadio, you know he was also interviewed live in our studio before his show! Boome has been on a tour circuit for the last 3 years with support from Juicy J, Machine Gun Kelly, Kid Ink, Bone Thugs, and others. He has 3 albums out so far, and is working on his fourth, the conclusion to his narrative with the Space Jams trilogy albums.

Boome’s energy and storyline in his music will definitely catch your attention, it’s high energy and fun, with an adventurous and chill vibe. It makes for a great live performance as well, and his fans definitely came out for some fun at the show Thursday. With Chamillonaire and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony also playing, the energy in the room was booming with a diverse crowd gathered by their love for the music. The smaller venue made for a cozy atmosphere, and Boome is definitely an artist who is very down to earth, and that in combination with the venue made it really feel like he was just one of us, there to have a good time with the crowd. His lyrics are also lighthearted and fun, and it matched the crowd’s mood well. Everyone was vibing with him, and it was without a doubt because of the great energy he brought. He hyped up the crowd and even back in every corner, he had the whole crowd’s attention. However, Boome wasn’t just all about hype, he showed he was definitely an artist to take seriously with his song dedicated to the late Pimp C, a famous rapper who was extremely influential to the hip hop scene in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Boome gave the performance his all, he really put some soul and personal feeling into it, showing true quality as an artist. With his energy and influence from rap legends like Pimp C, it was clear Boome was out there really doing what he’s meant to – being an artist. His connection with the crowd, his positive energy, his excitement, and his passion for what he does all combined for a great performance and a fun night.

Boome has been working on his newest album, Space Jams 4 while on the road on this tour, and is said to be released sometime in July. His current music is available for streaming on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify.

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