ACL Artist Spotlight: Gorillaz

Written by on September 29, 2017

Gorillaz, an British band created in 1998, has made a comeback this year with their new album Humanz (2017). The band is known for being a “virtual band,” represented by 4 cartoon characters. These characters explore a fictional universe through their music, videos, and a series of short cartoons. This creative aspect is one facet that sets them apart from other artists, making them incredibly unique and capturing the attention of audiences around the world. Another unique aspect about Gorillaz is their cross-genre sound, being described by critics as everything from rap, hip-hop, and regagge to indie, pop, and alternative rock. With a diverse group like they are, it’s no wonder their sound is so diverse and exciting, too.

Being known for their classic songs like “Feel Good Inc” and “Demon Days,” both released in 2005, they finally released Humanz this year with a more modern sound. They make their music appeal to new, younger audiences in the album by having features like Vince Staples, Kali Uchis, Danny Brown, and DRAM. They still keep their classic, relaxed vibes, and cartoon-inspired story line throughout the album, but bring it to the next level by having a wide variety of electrifying features.

Gorillaz just hit the road to tour for their album Humanz, and have been hitting major festival this year as well. You can catch their sensational live performance at ACL this year! They are playing both weekends of the festival on Sunday on the Honda Stage at 8:15. Click here for tickets to ACL!

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