Artist Profile: Mura Masa

Written by on September 15, 2017

Mura Masa, also known as Alex Crossan, is a UK DJ, producer, and songwriter. A few of his songs, like “Lovesick,” have topped Spotify charts in the UK and U.S. His work is notable for its versatile sound, as he has worked with artists like A$AP Rocky, NAO, Charli XCX, and Desiigner. Not only has he been climbing the charts, but also becoming well known throughout the world in many different scenes – from EDM to rap to pop. His talent reveals itself with his ability to produce and remix all types of music and work with a variety of different artists for features in his music. This is not surprising, coming from a multicultural and diverse place like London, his music really embodies that diversity with his versatility and blend of genres. He began building his sound and reputation with Soundcloud, gaining a small and local following at first.

Crossan claims artists that have inspired him and his sound include Gorillaz, Prince, the Black Keys, and Death Grips. His unique sound and quality of production, as well his ability to grow and improve his work constantly, helped him gain recognition in the music industry. Being a young, growing artist, working with other artists that are also newer and on the come up with young audiences help him grow his sound and fan base. Over the last year, Crossan has began playing more high-end clubs and venues around the world, but he still considers himself part of the subculture scene, never straying too far from him humble roots.

His first studio album, Soundtrack to a Death (2014), takes on a more electronic sound and is his most locally known work, taking over London subculture music scenes. A few of the songs, like “Lotus Eater” gained more popularity for strong composition and high energy. He carries this energy with him in his next 2 albums, Someday Somewhere (2015) and Mura Masa (2017). With these albums he also begins working with more American artists and producers, spreading his sound to American music scenes. What many people like about his newer work and sound is that it takes on a mix of electronic, trap, and pop music, creating a unique blend that appeals to a range of listeners. With his newest album Mura Masa, no two songs sound similar because of the variety of features and blend of different genres. His content and style all scream one thing – that he refuses to neatly fit into one box or one genre.

Mura Masa is playing in Houston on October 6th at White Oak Music Hall with opener Joey Purp. Catch his Soundcloud and buy tickets to the show by clicking here

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