Concert Review: Spoon and Mondo Cozmo

Written by on October 23, 2017

It fascinates me sometimes how artists who have been performing for over a decade still manage to put on a super energetic show and light up crowds of all sizes. The Sunday show at House of Blues was no exception with Spoon, an Austin band formed in 1993, rocking out so hard you’d never guess that they’ve been doing this for almost three decades.

The venue started piling in pretty early, as doors opened at 7, by 8 a decent crowd had gathered though the main act would not be coming on for another hour and a half. Mondo Cozmo, a Billboard recognized artist for his hit single “Shine”, put on a chill indie rock show. The act provided a great opening for the show and created a slow build-up in the atmosphere, which in my opinion was ideal because it was a Sunday after all. The folk rhythm of the show got people moving and psychedelic vibes of songs like “Higher” made for a lively beginning to warm up the crowd.

Spoon, comprising of guitarist and lead singer Britt Daniel, drummer Jim Eno, bass, guitar and keyboard player Rob Pope and keyboard and guitar player Alex Fischel, has been an acclaimed indie rock band with experimental sounds that has made quite a following. They have spent a week in Texas as they performed at ACL both weekends and to finish off the Texas bash they stopped by Htown and TG*.

The band played an immense variety of their songs that took you through the past decade of their albums and even if you weren’t a huge fan who listened to all the previous albums, you could clearly sense the evolution and different rhythms of different albums. Opening with “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” from their latest album Hot Thoughts, it was a splendid descend into the booming show we had all stepped into it. Daniel has a natural stage presence and his attitude shines as he goes to accentuate a beat on his guitar or simply grab the mike to pour out his soul into it: a true dedication to the art.

Jim Eno, the other founding member of the band radiated with charismatic energy as well, which made you jump up and down with every descend of his drumsticks. Pope and Fischel were great to watch too as they elevated the performance with by the use of moves that would create stirring changes accompanied by deep sounds and vibrant feels.

The band went on to perform other songs from their ninth album as well as some from They Want My Soul (2014) and even threw in a few oldies from albums Gimme Fiction (2005) and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007) like “My Mathematical Mind” and “Don’t You Evah”, respectively. Some favorites were left out but not surprising since for all of them to be played they would need to hold a single day festival just with them playing all day. I won’t blame em if they never do but it’d be a killer show (just sayin).

The charismatic performance that was coming off the stage in waves energized the crowd throughout the entire show. There was no simple head bobbing and hands raised phones only every once in awhile on the occasion when the lighting would change or the guys were in all their glory illuminated by the green or red lights. Mainly hands were rising to throw out live music signs and claps to beats.

For the encore, Spoon lit up the stage with loud sounds, badass beats and blinding lights. In that moment they were an art rock band combining sounds and lights and feelings the two created to bring a rockful ending to such a dynamic show. With “I Summon You”, “Small Stakes” and “Rent I Pay” they brought down the House with them. Daniel thanked the crowd a few times before putting down his mike and clapping towards the crowd and then his band members. It was a concert that made you feel like you weren’t simply experiencing what the artists were creating but rather, you were also part of making that experience what it was because as we all danced and jumped and belted out the lyrics, we encouraged one another to do the same and keep it going.

*TG: Thank god

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