Mala Luna Spotlight: Kurt Rockmore

Written by on October 27, 2017

Musical genres have evolved, melded and been created. There are so many out there that there is something for everyone. Long Island, NY born and raised Kurt Rockmore has been touring for four years with performers like G-Eazy and Tory Lanez, playing shows in the style of what he calls ‘Rap & Roll’ – a dynamic mix of hip-hop and rock.

Growing up the burbs that aren’t really the suburbs, he was faced with many cultures such as hispanic, haitian and jamaican, which all greatly impacted his music. His music is then a direct reflection of multiple inspirations, mainly his own experiences that he tries to make relatable.

Rockmore prefers to work on projects rather than a bunch of singles and so with each project there is reason, purpose and story that’s being relayed. Besides being in tune with his roots and his current balanced lifestyle of being a musical artist and a father, he is the life of the party no matter what he does (as suggested by his Twitter name). Though for a while he was moved away from music to dedicate his time to his family, he was soon redirected to do some soul searching, which led him to the realization that he could do both and be the image of a rockstar dad.

His rockstar image comes from his desire to freely speak from real experiences in the purest way that rockstars like The Beatles did: having unconventional fun, using a live band and making thunderous and melodic beats. This doesn’t mean that he’s not a rapper because he will gladly smoke anyone who attempts to say that. Instead, he combines the two and uses real instruments to be the inspiration and foundation of his beats. The rock feel allows him to have the tough, raw sound that mix superbly with his sick flow. Rockmore’s constant need for creation provides him with the utmost freedom that suggests there will be no stopping him.

Check out his songs on SoundCloud (link below) and catch him playing at the Mala Luna Music Festival next weekend – Oct. 28-29 – in San Antonio. Buy your tickets here!





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