Mala Luna Spotlight: Ugly God

Written by on October 25, 2017

Royce Davidson, or “Ugly God” is a humble hometown hero straight from the heart of Houston. Starting as the online persona “Pussy Bacon,” Mr. God released his debut anthem to self-pleasure “I Beat My Meat” in 2014. Though the song made lots of buzz locally, it was taken down and re-uploaded a couple times before being officially posted where it still remains on his SoundCloud. At the time, Ugly God was still just an Ugly prophet, not yet to his status of “God” due to the fact he was still in high school (who were actually behind the taking down of his song citing vulgarity). Then, after apparent extensive artistic and personal growth, Ugly God drops the song that took his career from hobby level to occupation level: “Water.” God was here to stay.

Since his initial buzz from “Water,” Ugly God has capitalized on his nationwide exposure, seeking collaboration from others who blew up around the same time as he such as Famous Dex or Rich the Kid. Although his music is a bit more comedy-oriented than his constituents, the genuine fun and excitement he has on the mic shines through the sometimes laughable content of his lyrics and creates a different yet enticing atmosphere wherever you play it. “Water” comes on and suddenly you and the stranger next to you turn to each other, smiles on each of your faces, and suddenly you two are buddies laughing and singing along: “water on my b**** I keep her wet like my cell phone..*BRRR*…”

Ever since his XXL cypher Ugly God has proven some versatility and strength among his peers by arguably out-rapping his fellow artists during the cypher, all the while throwing a couple comedic lines in to spice up his verse (Check it out here.); or when he rapped a freestyle over a country instrumental. (Check the hilarity here.) In all seriousness, Ugly God has shown that he is a legitimate artist; producing his entire music catalog Ugly God is on the forefront of the emerging DIY hip-hop artist.

Whether Ugly God’s style of rap is a genre you enjoy or not, his concerts are known to be extremely entertaining as you can tell he has a passion for performing and loves interacting with his audience.

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