Chris Brown’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon Album Review

Written by on November 9, 2017

It is quite odd for a major pop star like Chris Brown to release an album on Halloween, let alone on a Tuesday but after a two year drought since Royalty, Brown released Heartbreak on a Full Moon on October 31st.

Not only did he deliver a new album but he exceeded the average amount of tracks on an album by equipping it with a staggering 45 songs. With a rough listening time at 2 hours and 39 minutes, there is probably only a handful of salvageable songs within the bunch.


Heartbreak is no FAME.

One of Brown’s more popular albums, FAME, was lined up with hit after hit but Heartbreak is packed with filler songs that may start to sound like they mesh together instead of standing alone as independent hits.

The first half of the album is more hit worthy than the second half. The first portion is full of hip hop and pop like songs and the second portion is mainly R&B slow jams.


45 Hits or Flops?

When Brown is not talking about breakups, he is talking about the sex before, after and during the breakups. Tracks like “Privacy” and “Sip” clarify that Brown does not mind going from sexy to vulgar but if you don’t mind being sung to about licking your private parts, maybe it is not too far for you.

Some songs have an upbeat reggae feel that will want you to whine on a shoreline like “Confidence”, “Rock Your Body” and “I Love Her”.

There are some songs that will probably make it to top 40 that are tailored for his Team Breezy following like “Frustrated” and “Only 4 Me” featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Verse Simmonds. Hit song “Party” featuring Usher and Gucci Mane can be found 17 songs into the album but another hip hop hit may arise with “Pills & Automobiles” featuring Yo Gotti, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Kodak Black.

Brown does take it old school by sampling other hits.

In “Juicy Booty” featuring Jhene Aiko and R. Kelly, Brown samples from “Cutie Pie” by One Way. “Questions” samples both the lyrics and beat from the big time dance hall song “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle.

Brown uses one of Usher’s more recognizable lines “I’ll freak you right I will” in “To My Bed”. Brown also samples from Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” in “Even”.

Although the track “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” may not get radio air time, it definitely offers a more authentic sound than Brown’s usual pop hits. The instrumentals help this song stand out from the rest and may become more popular amongst those who stay away from the radio.

This album does prove that Brown can still be versatile and can produce material in multiple genres. Brown may be able to crank out catchy finger snapping songs like “Roses” and “Tempo” but with songs like “Otha N***as” and “Bite My Tongue” that offer no real meaning or captivating hook, will probably be forgotten by the time you skip to the next tune.

There is actually a good amount of songs that would make for a great 15 to 18 track album but with the added 20 to 30 filler songs, it only makes for a decent album.


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