Concert Review: SadGirl, The Paranoyds, and Velveteen Echo

Written by on November 10, 2017

The Paranoyds by German Romaldo

Walter’s always seems to create some of the greatest intimate shows in Houston. This night was no different. Velveteen Echo, local dream pop and indie band, kicked off the night with a lovely set. Lauren Warthen’s vocals make you want to cry, surely in a good way, while “dancing with your honey”. While most of their songs are slow-paced trips to the milky clouds and stars, they are reminiscent to the band Mothers, from Georgia, in their dreamy vocals and guitar while having a mixture of slow dance songs such as “Grey” with upbeat shakers such as “Do You”.

Velveteen Echo by German Romaldo

Velveteen Echo seems to be relatively new to the music scene in Houston, but they showed massive amounts of promise with their performance. They are in the works of releasing more music, and if their Bandcamp and Youtube do not leave you wanting more, their shows will. They have the makings of a great band in progress, and they are a must-see, if not, write down their name because they will surely be making waves.

Los Angeles’ up and coming “punk wing dong gaze porn pop cop chop proto shoes progs clogs hogs fuzzy wuzzy soaked hugs and slugs” four-piece band was the main reason why I bought tickets to the show. Consisting of bassist Staz Lindes, keyboardist Laila Hashemi, guitarist Lexi Funston, and drummer David Ruiz, the Paranoyds usually tear up the California DIY scene, but it was their first time in Houston as well as Texas, and they absolutely did not disappoint. They came crashing in with their thundering garage punk/psychedelic sound and energy. They played songs off their newly released EP Eat Their Own with hits such as “Freak Out”, “Pet Semetary”, and “Bear” which is their personal favorite to play and my favorite to hear as well. They also demonstrate a great amount of skill that only is further proof of their dedication and constant desire to play. They were obviously having a great time at Walter’s by exclaiming their gratitude for our hospitality and presence. The Paranoyds were a joy to listen and sing along to, and I will be patiently awaiting their return to the Bayou.

The Paranoyds by German Romaldo

Lastly, the lo-fi surf punk band from Los Angeles, SadGirl took center stage with their batch of tunes. Headed by guitarist and vocalist Misha Lindes, brother of Staz Lindes, drummer Paul Caruso, and substitute bassist Quincy Larsen, SadGirl came in full force with their mixture of surf rock and garage punk. Misha Lindes’ mastery over the surf guitar was astonishing to experience live as few in modern times can belt out those iconic notes with such grace. I felt teleported to a parallel dimension where Dick Dale and Elvis got together to play at CBGB’s. They played hits from their entire library from the SADGIRL VOL. ONE EP all the way to Vol. 3 – Head to the Mountains. Overall, it was a fantastic performance from a night of overall treats. SadGirl ended the night strong with a song that made the crowd of around 20-25 break into the first and last mosh of the night. They smiled and laughed at the chaos they were creating because they knew they had hit one out of the park. Again, I cannot wait for SadGirl’s return to Houston.

SadGirl by German Romaldo

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